Snowbound in Ohio

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I have lived in Georgia since 1959, first in Forest Park for six years and for 46 years in Fayetteville. The 27 years before that were spent in Akron, Ohio, about 50 miles due south of Cleveland.

From November through March, snow was always a factor of daily life in those months. Read More»

What visioning will do for Fayette County

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Engaging a community in a visioning process is one of the guiding principles of master planning. As a very active participant and business leader in the community, Piedmont Fayette Hospital looks forward to being a part of the Fayette Visioning Initiative that will serve to help us further define our future.

Why is participation in this process important to Piedmont Fayette? Twenty-five years ago a group of Fayette County citizens created the Fayette ‘93 visioning plan, which provided a roadmap for Fayette County’s high quality of life, work and play community that many of us enjoy today. Read More»

Fayette’s missing puzzle piece

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There are always plenty of issues present in Fayette County, from political to economic to lifestyle. And there is much to talk about in Fayette and the variable components wrapped up in its future.

Yet there is a missing component, in fact a significant component, which seems to always fly below the radar. This component is one of the issues being addressed in the ongoing Fayette Visioning Initiative. Read More»

I remember Dec. 7th, 1941

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[EDITOR’S NOTE: This coming Saturday, Dec. 7, marks 72 years since naval air forces of the Japanese Empire attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii military bases early on a Sunday morning.

Japanese naval forces included four heavy aircraft carriers, two heavy cruisers, 35 submarines, two light cruisers, nine oilers, two battleships and 11 destroyers.

Over 350 Japanese planes were involved in the surprise attack. At the end of the day, over 2,400 U.S. military service members and civilians lost their lives. Read More»

Words speak volumes

Rarely do we envision ourselves exactly how others perceive or interpret us. This realization holds true for the use of language when compared to our exhibited daily actions.

People are defined by the accumulative history of their deeds, rather than by mere words. But language can be both reflective of behavior and have an influence on these behaviors as we move forward. Our language shapes the way we view our surroundings, and is a good everyday step toward a more inclusive community. Read More»

I remember the year of 2 Thanksgivings

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In the summer of 1939 I had whooping cough so bad my left lung collapsed.

It was decided to put me in the Edwin Shaw Sanitarium in my hometown of Akron, Ohio. No comments please, about it being called a sanitarium.

I was to have complete bed rest for six months and not get home until Christmas Day.

We all learned about the First Thanksgiving in school, so I shall not bore you.

Interestingly, the dates were shuffled around by various United States presidents until Abraham Lincoln set a date in stone in 1863. Read More»

Keep playing

Keep playing

"Keep playing," Captain Obama directs the press corps orchestra on the deck of the sinking S.S. Obamacare. Editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy. ©2013 Uclick.

If I like your healthcare plan, you can keep it

If I like your healthcare plan, you can keep it

"If I like your healthcare plan, you can keep it." Editorial cartoon by Chip Bok. ©2013 Creators Syndicate. bokbluster.com

The Obamacare tech support hotline is experiencing technical glitches ...

The Obamacare tech support hotline is experiencing technical glitches ...

"The Obamacare tech support hotline is experiencing technical glitches ..." — editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy. Copyright 2013 Uclick

Escape from Zombie Government

Escape from Zombie Government

"Escape from Zombie Government" — editorial cartoon by Chip Bok. Copyright 2013 Creators Syndicate

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