What does God look like?

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“No one has ever seen God,” we read in John 1:18 (RSV). Artists, poets, and authors, of course, have attempted to portray Him. Michelangelo portrayed him as both ancient and strong. Jonathan Edwards portrayed him as full of wrath in his sermon, “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God.” Bette Midler sang about an indifferent God who is watching “from a distance.” Read More»

New Year 2010

Another holiday come and gone. Another year redolent with feasting, bread baking, and candy hardening. In the 1940s my Mom was at the center of holiday hubbub, coming out of it occasionally to fuss that she could use a little help.

Another hour of Christmas carols and cantatas, sung not so very loud because memories sometimes choked the music. Another pang of regret that I never met Mom’s Mom, Grandma Sallie Wilson and her dusty-white apron. Read More»

In PTC, a new government comes to power

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A new Peachtree City mayor and three City Council members will join holdover Councilman Doug Sturbaum tomorrow night in the first of a series of meetings that will set new directions for the city. I voted against two of the new officials but recognize that the election is over and it is time to move forward. Read More»

PTC traffic about to get worse

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To be, or not to be, that is the question. Well, Mr. Shakespeare, this tragedy will certainly be.

The journey began back in the year of 2006, and a massive rumbling stirred throughout our area when a C-7 Commercial Major Shopping District rezoning application came before the Coweta County Board of Commissioners. It was Scott Seymour of Seymour Construction and Development in Peachtree City who brought this matter to bear. Read More»

Some important questions most governments never ask

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Our bloated federal government has been running amok for a long time, under Democrat and Republican administrations alike, creating mountains of debt and intruding into nooks and crannies of our personal lives where they should not tread. The fingers of state, county and city government reach too far into our pocket and our lives as well. Read More»

Wayward pup brings some tears

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Funny how situations in life can slip up on you and turn your feelings completely around.

Sometimes it’s downright tragic.

It began one morning as the sun had barely begun to rise. I was tired and prone to wanting to sleep a bit longer because a friend, a legendary Hollywood stuntman and actor, had called and kept me up until almost 2 a.m., riveting me with the kind of stories that only he can tell. Even a good night’s sleep will not lure me away from a great story. Read More»

Epiphany Day:Let’s ‘Google it’

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Today, January 6, is Epiphany Day. So, let’s “Google it!”

What is the Epiphany of Our Lord?

It is the wonderful liturgical festival observed every year on Jan. 6. It is the oldest of the Christmas festivals and originally the most important. Since Jan. 6 is most often a weekday, Lutherans and liturgical Protestants sometimes shift the celebration of Epiphany to the Sunday immediately before or following the 6th. Epiphany is also a season that lasts until the beginning of Lent and encompasses four to nine Sundays, depending on the date of Easter.

What does the word “epiphany” mean? Read More»

Roughing it in an RV

You may remember my account, several years ago, of a friend we’ll call Jack, who broke himself into many pieces trying to blow leaves off his roof. His several surgeries and arduous rehabilitation resulted in a truly remarkable recovery.

At 60-something, he’s probably in better shape than he was before the fall, and has been cleared to do anything he wants to do so long as it doesn’t involve roofs and ladders. Read More»

The lost art of thinking

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My friend Rod Albaugh asked a few days ago why I write columns now and then. Rod said he thought he knew but wanted me to tell him. So I explained.

We live in a modern world that delivers our daily news pre-packaged in feelings, ready for our consumption, but we are rarely required to think.

Human nature’s mental laziness drives us to avoid thinking, and it is so much easier to resort to knee-jerk responses. Read More»

What 2010 will bring

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Here is what is scheduled for the political calendar in 2010.

President Obama’s poll numbers will continue to drop. Sure, his teleprompted speeches carry the same vim and vigor as the march to Washington campaign addresses, but fewer people are buying pomp, wishing for leadership and results instead. Read More»

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