Hard Winter for Critters

Fond as I am of the little people who are truly our closest neighbors – the occasional field mouse or wood rat, even the chipmunks, squirrels, and birds – sometimes they try my patience.

Case in point. I plant my kitchen herb garden in a clay window box, actually a faded red plastic box on the deck with a few herbs like parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

(I’ve always wanted to use that particular grouping for the sheer romance of it.) Read More»

Do-gooder government, unintended results

Two letters on this page take the cap off my own lengthy simmerings on these two related matters.

The first is a super-expensive solution to a limited problem: pedestrians crossing state highway intersections.

These ubiquitous crossing signals with their countdown blinkers are showing up everywhere — except some obvious places they are actually needed. Read More»

Highlights of 2009

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The year 2009 gave us the nation’s first African-American president, more failing economy, healthcare legislation, and the continuation of two wars.

President Obama promised us “Change we can believe in,” but that ended up becoming one of the fastest dying campaign slogans of all time. The new pitch phrase might be, “The ACORN didn’t fall far from the President’s tree,” just ask Brian Lamb, CEO of C-Span. Read More»

President Obama needs to learn about ‘the real world’

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BY Rep. Lynn Westmoreland
President Obama could learn a lesson or two from the lyrics of my favorite country music singer, Coweta County native Alan Jackson.

In Jackson’s “Here In the Real World,” he sings sadly about how life doesn’t always turn out how you’d hoped, like it does in the movies.

On the silver screen, the song lyrics state, “Cowboys don’t cry and heroes don’t die. And good always wins again and again.” Read More»

Something about that name . . .

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The secular left — and some self-described Christians — criticize Brit Hume, the Fox News commentator, for suggesting that the solution to Tiger Woods’ problems is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Hume made his remarks on “Fox News Sunday.” Disclosure: I also appear on Fox News.

Hume said, “My message to Tiger would be: Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.” Read More»

Entourage encounter

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It’s true. Some things you have to see to believe. And then, even though you’re certain of the reliability of your own eyes, you don’t believe it.

While touring with my latest book, I trudged through the unglamorous moments and carried on with the hard work of it all. In short, that means long days and long miles that brings on a bone-deep weariness that is hard to describe and harder to endure. It means being up at 4 a.m. or sleeping late to 5 a.m. and then heading out to be bright and perky on early morning radio or television in a different city every day or so. Read More»

Distracted and harried, and relying on Christ

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OK, so it’s a new year. It seems I should write about resolutions or something, but nothing has come to me — besides, I’m as bad as anyone about breaking them. Then again, I could write about the expectation of what is to come in 2010, but really, no one can know what the year will bring; we just know that God will be there. Read More»

Southern Baptists and college football

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When I was in New York during the fall, a few of us from the South were talking Southeastern Conference football. One of the local guys said, “You guys from down South sure talk a lot about college football.” Read More»

Coupon Man

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Despite gazillion-dollar bailouts, let’s face it: Our economy is still in a downturn. Experts state the bottom is near and should be reached this year. Unfortunately what they don’t want to tell you is that the bottom is actually a cliff. Read More»

Intellectuals and society

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There has probably never been an era in history when intellectuals have played a larger role in society. When intellectuals who generate ideas are surrounded by a wide range of others who disseminate those ideas — whether as journalists, teachers, staffers to legislators or clerks to judges — the influence of intellectuals on the way a society evolves can be huge. Read More»

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