Why we should remember Victory in Europe Day

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December 1941 is usually remembered by Americans as that fateful month when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, thus thrusting the United States into World War II. Read More»

Dixie Dew’s BIG news

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It’s me. Dixie Dew, again. Y’all who read this column regularly know that I am Ronda’s adorable and svelte (though she writes differently) dachshund.

This is the third time I’ve guest-written this column but since it’s Mother’s Day, I’m giving her the day off. This is my gift to Mama. She’s been working on a tight deadline for a new book so she’s earned a rest.

I have another reason, too. It’s probably a bit selfish but let’s face it – it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there so a dog’s gotta take care of herself. Read More»

Playlist for Mother's Day

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I had the unenviable task of writing a Mother’s Day column for this week’s paper. I say unenviable because I just didn’t want to write about how much I love my Mom (lots) or what a good mother Sabine, my wife, is (a great one). I feel like I’ve been there and done that.

Instead, I decided to create playlist on Spotify (it’s public - you can find it on there under Mother’s Day by Mike). Some of these songs are nice, some of them aren’t - but they all have Ma, Mama, Mom, Mother or Mommy in the title. Aren’t I clever?

Let’s take a look at the list before you take a listen. Read More»

The best birthday gift

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Over the last 54 years, yours truly has received many wonderful birthday gifts. It’s true, some gifts have been better than others. Some I wish I’d never gotten. Still, family and friends have all helped to make the day special.

But what has been the best birthday gift I’ve ever received? Did it come from a friend, my parents, or even The Wife?

Nope, surprisingly it came from The Boy. And he gave it this year. Although if you’d ask him, he’d say all he was able to give was a card. Unknowingly, he has given me far more than he could ever imagine. Read More»

Living in a distracted state

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It had been a busy morning and an even busier week and there was a great deal to think about last Friday. In the meantime, I decided to take a break and go to the supermarket to pick up a few things needed for the evening meal. So it was that I traveled to the Publix at Thomas Crossroads near Newnan.

It wasn’t long before I became frustrated. “Why can’t they leave things well enough alone?” I thought. About the time I know where everything is, someone decides to remodel the store and everything gets relocated. Read More»

Who is ‘racist’? — Part II

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Around this time of year, I sometimes hear from parents who have been appalled to learn that the child they sent away to college to become educated has instead been indoctrinated with the creed of the left. They often ask if I can suggest something to have their offspring read over the summer, in order to counteract this indoctrination. Read More»

Give ’em ‘L,’ Mitt

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In the 1993 movie “Dave” the faux president (played by Kevin Kline) calls in his best friend (played by Charles Grodin) and they stay up all night balancing the federal budget, not by raising taxes, but by cutting unnecessary and wasteful spending.

If only it were that easy.

Most presidents have talked about cutting spending, but few succeed because Congress holds the power of the purse and is reluctant to give it up. Read More»

It’s time to hold Congress’ feet to the voters’ fire

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Is it fair to indict every congressman with the sins of the institution? Is it fair to expect leadership in an institution that supposedly is made up of leaders from around America? Is it fair to expect our congressman to be different from his peers?

The answer to all three questions is yes.

Last week I wrote about the near record low public opinion ratings of Congress. Just to review, only 13 percent of the country thinks that Congress is doing a good job — 13 percent!

At a time when we need responsible leadership the most, that’s a troubling statistic. Read More»

GOP is a party in fundamental flux

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[Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared at]

With Rick Santorum having dropped out of the race, Mitt Romney is apparently the Republican nominee for POTUS, barring a “black swan” event swooping down out of nowhere.

Why has the Republican Party taken so long to decide upon its presidential nominee? The two most common explanations given have been the structure of the primaries and the absence of an “ideal” candidate. Read More»

What Americans really think — when pollsters actually ask right questions

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By Jon Basil Utley

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans who despair of Washington ever cutting waste from its trillion-dollar defense/homeland security budget can take heart from pollster Scott Rasmussen’s book “The People’s Money: How Voters Will Balance the Budget and Eliminate the Federal Debt” (

The author argues that the public is always ahead of the politicians and that the time is ripe for an effective leader to win election with real budget cuts. Read More»

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