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Funny thing about life: a registered letter, phone call, or knock on the door in the middle of the night can derail the best laid plans.

Life’s journey can take us around turns and lead us down pathways we never could imagine for ourselves – some good and some not so good.

The good stuff anyone can take. Lessons are learned and character is built from how one handles the bad stuff, and we draw upon both of those to guide us through the rest of our lives. At least that’s what Dad always said. It’s one of the many lessons Dad taught us while growing up at 110 Flamingo Street. Read More»

That which remains

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When I was a younger man, I had dreams — illusions, really — about the tremendous impact I would have on those around me, my community, and even the world. I suppose that such dreams are positive things and the fact is that some people go on to do just that ... impact the world. For most, however, it will not be so. Read More»

Is American morality being redefined?

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I never really understood the power of the culture to change and redefine morality until I watched the film, “The Bridges of Madison County,” with two of my girlfriends.

The movie was basically about the plight of a desperately “unloved” wife who discovered a passionate “love” with a drifter, but ultimately stayed in her marriage for the sake of her family.

At the end of the movie, I sat there thinking, yes, the characters are sympathetic, and it was a powerful performance, but the ultimate message was wrong, because it empathizes with a woman having an adulterous affair. Read More»

Truth, God & Jerusalem at DNC

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In a speech resembling a TV re-run (the liberal website The Daily Beast called it “dull”), President Obama accepted his party’s nomination for a second term. In doing so, he made the most ludicrous claim of this campaign, indeed, of his presidency: “You didn’t elect me to tell you what you wanted to hear. You elected me to tell you the truth.”

With this president, truth telling remains an unfulfilled promise. Telling Democrats what they want to hear was what the Charlotte convention was all about. Read More»

Politics, lies and the great lies

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With a nod to honest officials everywhere, pardon my observation that politicians have been lying since God was a boy. Dissembling, spinning, stretching the truth with hyperbole seems to be part of persuading voters you are more worthy than the next guy.

There’s nothing new with dishonesty in politics, but the current Democratic leadership has turned lying into an art form. Read More»

Mama’s ring’s new sparkle

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It would never have occurred to me that it would mean as much as it has, never cross my mind that I would cherish it as I have. I suppose that’s what makes it even more meaningful.

Mama wasn’t fancy by any stretch of the imagination. A small cake of cornbread and a cold glass of buttermilk often sufficed just fine for her supper, a home-grown, juicy tomato thrilled her beyond measure and presents were often wrapped with masking tape. She was sturdy and solid, not fancy or frivolous. Read More»

Have you hugged your philodendron today?

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Riding a bicycle gives just the pace to cover the ground in a hurry, yet allows for leisurely visiting with joggers, porch-sitters, or passing motorists willing to pause a moment.( No, I no longer ride a bike, just one of the many losses this demon has cost me. I looked a long way back to find this contribution to the human condition, still relevant today.)

I was pedaling home from work, sifting among the dozen or so ideas competing for incarnation in print, when fellow-scribe Glen Allen waved and yanked his car to an abrupt halt along the edge of Willowbend.

We both began at once: Read More»

Paul Ryan, a deficit hawk

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The choice of Paul Ryan for Vice President by Romney was certainly an interesting pick. It also brings balance that will help this ticket win in November.

Ryan is a political figure whose career I have watched for quite some time. He is a compelling politician to me for several reasons.

First he is from Janesville, the neighboring town in Wisconsin to Whitewater, where my mother grew up, and where I visited almost every summer as a child and teenager. Read More»

Picnic on Blue Ridge Parkway

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Last week, at the county fair, I saw a mom pushing her baby stroller. The occupant, a happy little boy, had just grabbed a handful of pink cotton candy and was entertained by the sugary cloud. So much so, he stuffed not only the pink stuff, but his entire hand in his mouth and sucked each finger as if to make sure none would possibly be wasted.

I watched and smiled as they strolled past. Been a long time since I had the ability to do such a thing – place my entire hand in my mouth, and for good reason. As an adult there’s just no room. Usually my foot has taken up all the space. Read More»

Sweet sixteen

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Just about this time 16 years ago, I was both very nervous and excited. After being in the ministry for 25 years and having turned 45 years old earlier in the year, I and several others were about to embark on a new adventure.

We were about to plant a church.

I had never been part of such a venture and, understandably, experienced a bit of fear and trepidation. It didn’t help when one man, whom I knew and considered a friend, said, “Well, when it doesn’t work out, I hope things go well for you wherever you wind up.” Not the most faith-filled statement I had ever heard. Read More»