PTC fire marshal demoted

Attorney says Dailey ‘scapegoat’ for failed murder-arson prosecution

Citing a “lack of confidence” and various investigative errors relating to a high-profile arson case, Peachtree City Fire Chief Ed Eiswerth recently demoted longtime Peachtree City Fire Marshal John Dailey all the way down to firefighter/EMT, with a commensurate 10-step loss in pay. Read More»

Cyclist injured on Hwy. 54 Monday

A bicyclist was injured early Monday afternoon when a pickup truck hit him as he rode alongside Ga. Highway 54 near Ebenezer Road, an eyewitness had told The Citizen.
Fayette County EMS officials confirmed that the cyclist, an unidentified male, was transported to an area hospital for treatment of injuries.

The eyewitness said the truck driver noted that he didn’t see the cyclist along the road, and the truck’s side mirror was knocked off during the collision. Read More»

Patriot groups to hold meeting on illegal aliens and amnesty

Arizona is all over the news with supporters and detractors weighing in on its new immigration law. Other states are considering similar measures. As the issue unfolds, local patriot groups will sponsor a meeting Tuesday on illegal aliens and amnesty.

Speakers at the event will include Congressman Lynn Westmoreland and nationally recognized authority on illegal aliens D.A. King.

Event organizers said the estimated number of illegal aliens in the U.S. ranges from 12 to 25 million, with programs in some areas being reduced due to the soaring costs of serving illegal aliens. Read More»

PTC cuts ribbon for Diva Drive

PTC cuts ribbon for Diva Drive

Peachtree City may be a far cry from Hollywood, but the film industry has made a lasting impression on the city. Thursday a street sign was erected officially designating one of the city's newest streets “Diva Drive,” in honor of the show Drop Dead Diva which is filmed in studios off Dividend Drive in Peachtree City. Read More»

McIntosh music students have successful debut in NYC

McIntosh music students have successful debut in NYC

The McIntosh Symphonic Strings from Peachtree City recently experienced the excitement of performing on the main stage at historic Carnegie Hall in New York last month. The high school group performed three works on Apr. 19 as the Prelude Showcase for the Masterworks Choral Festival featuring the New York City Chamber Orchestra. Read More»

PTC bans big rigs from 4th of July parade

Starting this year, big rigs will no longer be allowed in Peachtree City’s Fourth of July parade.

The move for this year’s celebration, on July 3 since the fourth falls on a Sunday, is for safety, according to Peachtree City recreation staff.

It is difficult for kids and adults along the parade route to be seen by those driving 18-wheelers, staff explained.

“We don’t have barricades along the entire route like some of the larger cities do, so there is nothing to separate people from vehicles,” said Randy Gaddo, director of the city’s Leisure Services department. Read More»

MacDuff path tunnel to be finished in the ‘near future’

An unfinished cart path and tunnel linkage under MacDuff Parkway is going to be funded by the city.

Better yet, the money is coming from funds left over from the recently completed path connections for the path bridge spanning the CSX railroad tracks on Ga. Highway 54 West. The city has earmarked that $146,000 in funding and Ravin Homes, developer of Cedarcroft, is also kicking in $10,000, city officials said. Read More»

Fayette’s jobless rate drops .6% in April

It’s about time. The unemployment rate for Fayette County decreased more than half a percentage point in April. The rate decreased from 8.9 percent in March to 8.3 percent in April.

Pundits from Wall Street to Washington have insisted for months that the recession is over. Correct or not, figures released this week by the Georgia Dept. of Labor showed a significant drop in Fayette’s unemployment rate for April. The March rate of 8.9 percent gave way to an 8.3 percent rate for April.

The April rate for Fayette County equates to 4,234 people jobless in a workforce of 50,979. Read More»

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