Brooks Elementary hosts Zumba event to raise money for Relay for Life

Fayette County licensed-Zumba Instructor, Kareen Underwood, has organized a super-event tying in two personal things that mean the world to her: her love for Zumba and for helping others. Read More»

Blood drive Thursday in honor of Fayette public defender

As Fayette County Chief Public Defender Joe Saia continues to recover from a heart attack and the resulting multiple surgeries, the Fayette County legal community is responding with a blood drive in his honor at the Fayette County Courthouse Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saia was on vacation at a family reunion on June 16 in North Carolina when he first fell ill and he has since had numerous surgeries as he battles his way back in recovery. Read More»

Prayer services in F’ville Sept. 11 and 18

The events of Sept. 11, 2001 will not soon perish from the minds and hearts of Americans. Aside from a national tragedy, the day has also become a time of prayer. And within that framework there will be two prayer services held in Fayetteville that day, one at noon at the old courthouse and the other at the Villages Amphitheater beginning at 5 p.m. Read More»

Good to be a cat

Wins for local teams with feline mascots

Fayette County shut out Union Grove 16-0, while Our Lady of Mercy beat Glascock County 52-22, Starr's Mill defeated Woodland, Henry 21-7 and Whitewater beat Ola 42-11. McIntosh lost 40-0 to Stockbridge, while Northgate lost to Jones County 31-28.

East Coweta beat Pebblebrook 13-5.

For more on these games, see the story at There will be updates to the story this weekend as stats roll in.

Pendleton to head CAP cadet leadership

Aaron Pendleton, L, and Daniel Schulz talk informally following change of command ceremonies at the Peachtree City Civil Air Patrol Squadron. The Falcon Field Civil Air Patrol Squadron meets every Thursday night at Union Methodist Church in Peachtree City at 7 p.m. For more on the change of cadet leadership, see the story on Page A3. Photo/Special.

Falcon Field Civil Air Patrol Squadron held a change of cadet leadership ceremony on Thursday evening, August 19, at Union Methodist Church, Peachtree City, where the CAP unit meets every Thursday night at 7 p.m. The incoming Cadet Commander, 17 year-old Cadet/Maj. Aaron Pendleton of Brooks who is home schooled, received the unit flag from Lt. Col Greg Clasen, Squadron Commander. In the same ceremony, 17 year-old Cadet/1st Lt. Daniel Schulz of Peachtree City, a senior at McIntosh High School, was named Cadet Deputy Commander. Read More»

DAPC upset over funding cut

Council hashes matter out with volunteer group

The 3-2 vote last week to completely eliminate Peachtree City’s $35,000 funding for the Development Authority of Peachtree City was taken by some authority members as an insult to their work as volunteers and their stewardship over a meager $35,000 budget.

But to their credit, the three council members who supported that move: Eric Imker, Vanessa Fleisch and Kim Learnard, met with the DAPC Wednesday night in an effort to hash out whatever issues may have led to the authority’s “de-funding.” Read More»

Rockaway light opens

Rockaway light opens

Signal changed for safety will slow traffic

The traffic light for the newly-opened section of Rockaway Road on Ga. Highway 74 south has been tweaked.

While the change may result in some traffic delays it has improved safety, according to Peachtree City Manager Bernie McMullen.

McMullen said the light was originally set to allow east and west bound traffic on Rockaway to go at the same time, but that created a safety hazard so the light’s timing has been changed.

Now those movements have been separated, meaning that when eastbound traffic has a green light, westbound traffic is stopped, and vice versa, McMullen explained. Read More»

Construction continues on 9-story Piedmont Newnan Hospital

Construction on the tallest building in southwest metro Atlanta is well underway. And sometime in early 2012 the doors will open for the nine-story, 362,000 square-foot Piedmont Newnan Hospital on Poplar Road near I-85. Read More»

Tea Party group forms in Senoia

It is a movement that many thought could never last past the first few months. But as it turned out, the dissatisfaction with government has taken a grassroots movement national and, more than a year later, it is only growing. Enter the newest local group of citizens determined to become better informed and participative, the Senoia Tea Party Patriots.

Group organizer/coordinator and Senoia resident Joe Cannin has been involved with the Tea Party movement in Coweta and Fayette counties since they began in early 2009. His involvement included helping to develop small neighborhood groups. Read More»

Coweta’s youth leaders sworn in for 2010-11

Coweta’s youth leaders sworn in for 2010-11

Members of the 2010-2011 Newnan Youth Council were sworn in last week. The purpose of the Newnan Youth Council is to provide a means for the high school youth of Newnan and Coweta County to learn about government, participate in the process, and to represent and articulate the needs of the community’s youth.

The overall purpose, based on the expressed need for youth programs, activities, events, continuing education, and youth involvement in community and governmental activities within the City of Newnan, is: Read More»