Common Core math books pass Fayette BoE’s test 4-1

New math textbooks to be used in the Fayette County School System were approved by a 4-1 vote Monday by the Fayette County Board of Education. The motion also came with a provision that will examine how Fayette students can compete globally and will lead to an opinion that assesses both traditional and integrated math offerings.

The lone dissenting vote in the 4-1 approval came from board member Mary Kay Bacallao, who said her opposition dealt only with the textbook adoption portion of the motion. Read More»

Senoia music festival Saturday

Senoia music festival Saturday

The group Seven Handle Circus is one of the acts scheduled to play in front of thousands in Senoia Saturday afternoon during the Senoia Social in the downtown area starting at 1 p.m. Photo/Special.

Weatherly Walk heroes honored

Weatherly Walk heroes honored

Management and residents of Weatherly Walk Apartments in Fayetteville along with firefighters who responded to the large structure fire in March were honored June 6 as “Weatherly Walk Heroes” by the Fayetteville City Council. Receiving the honors were (front row L-R) Deputy Chief Linda Partridge, Amanda Hall, Quantarious “Chuck” Faison, Mike Gutheridge, Lieutenant Blaze Brookshaw, firefighter Corey Mask and Captain Marty Mundok; and (back row L-R) firefighter Chris Stanley, firefighter Josh Thomas, Fire Chief Alan Jones, Lieutenant Jeff Gable and Captain Keith Harris. Photo/Ben Nelms.

More help sent to Oklahoma tornado victims

More help sent to Oklahoma tornado victims

A truck load of supplies for people and pets after the devastating Oklahoma tornados was transported to those communities by Lori and Speedy Lawrence on June 1 after residents of Fayette and Coweta counties donated needed supplies. Photo/Special.

Supporters, opponents of Common Core curriculum to face off June 10

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) continue to generate opinions on both sides of the public education conversation. A June 10 community forum to be held at the Sams Auditorium in Fayetteville will provide a venue for supporters and opponents to express their opinions and have their say. Read More»

Stinky water case: Misdiagnoses and delayed responses

Technicians watch Monday afternoon as pressurized blasts of water are used to remove sludge that has been caked on the bottom of a water lagoon at the Crosstown Water Treatment Plant in Peachtree City. The sludge, which is being hauled for off-site disposal, consists of solids that deposited at the bottom of the lagoon after they were washed away from the plant. Part of the smelly water was blamed on the recycling of this water back into the plant’s treatment process. Photo/John Munford.

Fayette’s stinky water problems appear to have mostly dissipated.

Water System Director Tony Parrott said Tuesday that his office has received only one complaint about water since Sunday, and that caller appeared to have a situation unrelated to the problem that distributed millions of gallons of bad smelling, and bad tasting, water to Fayette homes and businesses for a period of more than three weeks.
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Fayette apologizes for stinky water, delayed fix

The Fayette County Water System’s longtime director, Tony Parrott, issued a mea culpa Friday afternoon for the three-week-long stinky water mess.

“I truly apologize for the inconvenience we created for our water customers,” said Parrott. “The problem took too long to resolve and I want to assure the public that we have implemented daily raw water testing to assure we are obtaining water of the highest quality into the treatment facilities.”

The bad taste and smell were caused by two chemicals emitted by blue-green algae, a tiny plant that grew in Starr’s Mill Pond — the water intake point — with the resulting stinky and foul-tasting chemicals being pumped directly into the holding pond for fresh water at the water treatment plant itself. Read More»

A Village Post Office opens in Brooks

Opening a Village Post Office in Brooks are (L-R) Kris Payne, United States Post Office; Sonya Sevens, Brooks Postmaster; Sarah Wiley, USPS; Brooks Mayor Dan Langford; Brooks Librarian Kim Morris; Mayor Pro Tem Lewis Harper; and Town Council Clerk Cindy Winkle. Photo/Carolyn Cary.

The United States Postal Service has opened up a Village Post Office in Brooks. The concept is new and Brooks is the sixth site in Georgia to receive the new service. The plan is to have just over 50 in the state by the end of the year.

One of the reasons is the diminishing hours at a number of local post offices. The Brooks Post Office, for instance, closes at 4 p.m.

The Brooks Library was chosen for this additional site and will be selling stamps as well as priority envelopes being available. Read More»

Days of stinky water ending?

Calls about stinky drinking water from areas of Fayette County have diminished significantly and there is a noticeable improvement in the condition of the water, according to Fayette County officials.

Fayette County Administrator Steve Rapson on Tuesday said there is a noticeable improvement in the condition of the water. Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown also weighed in, saying the number of calls about foul smelling and tasting water have diminished significantly. Read More»

Rivers Elementary School sold to Pinewood Studios group

It has been a long time coming, but the Rivers Elementary School property on Sandy Creek Road across from the future Pinewood Atlanta Studios property has been sold to River’s Rock II, LLC for $5.17 million — about half the cost of the original land and building. Read More»