Peachtree City company creates ‘green’ parking spaces for employees

Employees taking advantage of the new “green” parking spaces at TDK are, L-R, Hiromi Sakuma, Don Massucci, Chong Lee and Sophia Echols. Photo/John Munford.

In a nod to cleaner commutes, TDK in Peachtree City has set aside special parking spaces for hybrid vehicles, electric cars, motorcycles and those who are carpooling to Peachtree City with others.

Each of the premium spaces near the front entrance is marked with a sign, and also a painted green leaf insignia on the asphalt. Read More»

Fayette Chamber on fence about regional sales tax vote

The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce has not taken a stance either for or against the proposed 1 percent regional transportation sales tax referendum, slated for July 2012.

The Chamber, however, is encouraging residents and local business owners to get up to speed on the projects, said Chamber President Virginia Gibbs.

“I think our thought is that it’s just really important for people to be informed and that’s what we’re doing to this point, trying to understand the projects and understand the process,” Gibbs said. “So we’re trying to encourage folks to be involved and be educated.” Read More»

Fayette home prices in deep slump

Sales prices down 27% since 2007; average home price now $230K; 1 in 4 homes sold this year for under $100K

The average sales price of a home sold this year in Fayette County is slightly less than $230,000. If that’s a surprise, read on. Read More»

Coweta to add 100 jobs from 2 new companies

The state and national economies continue to languish, but the same cannot always be said of Coweta County. At its September meeting, Coweta County Development Authority President Greg Wright told members that two unnamed companies have made decisions to locate in Coweta County. Those decisions are expected to add more than 100 jobs.

“One company hopes to be in operations within 6-8 weeks and the other plans to open early next year,” Wright said. ”At this point, the companies are not ready for public announcements but will mean over 100 new jobs for the community.” Read More»

July jobless rate jumps in Coweta to 10.1%, in Newnan to 11.9%

Whoever said the recession is over forgot to consider the situation in Newnan and Coweta County, at least in terms of unemployment. The relative economic boom taking place locally continues to be offset by high jobless rates. Figures for July showed Newnan with nearly 12 percent unemployment and Coweta County at just over 10 percent.

The unemployment situation in Coweta in July showed a rate of 10.1 percent. That compares to the 9.7 percent rate in June and a rate of 9.4 percent a year ago.

In all, July’s 10.1 percent rate represents 6,128 people out of work in a workforce of 60,544. Read More»

Forbes names Fayetteville as one of Top 10 retirement cities

Fayetteville has earned a distinction awarded to few communities across America. The city has been named one of the Top 10 Suburbs for Retirement by

The website in its description of Fayetteville said, “Homes in this 15,000-person suburb 22 miles south of Atlanta average about $200,000, reflecting the lower-than-average cost of living. There’s a local hospital. Mass transit to Atlanta, however, is limited, although the Atlanta Airport is just 10 miles away.” Read More»

Dwarf House drive-thru work starts Sat.

Dwarf House drive-thru work starts Sat.

Fayetteville location adding 2nd drive-thru lane

Construction will begin Saturday, Aug. 27 on the new "double drive-through" for the Fayetteville Dwarf House restaurant, the company announced Aug. 26.

The eatery's drive through will remain open during construction, which is expected to wrap up no later than Monday, Sept. 5.

The project will also result in the Dwarf House parking lot being changed to a 1-way format, but that will take place gradually, according to a news release. Read More»

Coweta okays roadside produce sales in heavy traffic areas

The Coweta County Commission responded to requests to give shoppers more choices when looking for fresh produce by approving an ordinance amendment Aug. 18 that provides for both temporary and permanent produce stands to be located along some of the county’s most frequently traveled roadways. Read More»

PTC company to expand with high-paying jobs

Council OK's $50K grant for unnamed 'large' business

A large existing Peachtree City company is gearing up to expand with a number of high-paying jobs, and the city council Thursday approved offering a grant of up to $50,000 in return. Read More»

DAPC reviews projects, hopes to remain intact

If for some reason elected officials end up deep-sixing the Development Authority of Peachtree City, one of the authority’s greatest missteps might turn out to be its ability to succeed under the radar.

DAPC Chairman Todd Strickland, at a special meeting last week to recap the volunteer group’s successes, said that was one of his greatest regrets.
“Perhaps I could’ve done a better job of touting our successes,” Strickland said just before authority members presented information on its accomplishments, much of it occurring behind the scenes and without fanfare. Read More»