Want to help shape future of Fayette?

Want to help shape future of Fayette?

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Have you ever thought about the future and wanted to be able to impact it in a positive way? Now is your chance if you live or work in Fayette County. The recently created Fayette Visioning Initiative is underway and organizers want to hear from you.
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Leaders explain community visioning to PTC Council

Randy Weaver (L) and Trey Ragsdale made a brief presentation on the Vision Initiative to the Peachtree City Council. Photo/John Munford.

Representatives of the Fayette County Visioning Initiative made a presentation to the Peachtree City Council Thursday night to explain how they are working to create a countywide community development plan.

Co-chair Trey Ragsdale noted that such a procedure isn’t a new concept for Fayette, which underwent a similar review back in 1987 to create “Fayette ‘93.” One of the biggest results of that plan was to plant the seeds for what would later become Piedmont Fayette Hospital. Read More»

Pinewood Studios construction continues apace

The newest construction at Pinewood Atlanta Studios can be seen from Sandy Creek Road across from the former Rivers Elementary School. At left is the 20,000 sq. ft. production office building attached to one of the soundstage buildings. To the right is the recently constructed 45,000 sq. ft. workshop building. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Work on the Pinewood Atlanta Studios facility on Veterans Parkway continues to transform what was pasture land into Fayetteville and Fayette County’s largest-ever economic development project. The latest improvements to the property are easily evidenced by the view offered from Sandy Creek Road.

The newest additions to the property can be seen from the studio entrance across from the former Rivers Elementary School. Construction is underway on a 20,000 square-foot production office building that is being attached to the soundstage building nearest the studio entrance. Read More»

Jobless rate rises in Fayette, Coweta

The unemployment rate is Fayette and Coweta counties is much like a rollercoaster. And in October, that rollercoaster is on an uphill trek again. Read More»

Fayette retailers ready for Thanksgiving weekend sales

Fayette retailers ready for Thanksgiving weekend sales

More stores in Fayette County will be open at least part of Thanksgiving Day to capitalize on the pre-Christmas retail rush known as “Black Friday” and, now, “Brown Thursday.” Read More»

Sheriff Babb: Be careful while holiday shopping

Sheriff Babb: Be careful while holiday shopping

Christmas shopping time is nearly here and Fayette County Sheriff Barry Babb has tips for the holiday season that pertain to shopping, burglaries and precautions for financial transactions.

When it comes to retail shopping, Babb said the most important thing for shoppers to do is to make sure there is nothing in view in their vehicle that would give a would-be thief a reason to target the vehicle.

“Don’t leave anything in view from the outside of the vehicle. Keep everything of value in the trunk or hidden from view. Don’t be a target,” Babb said. Read More»

Rezoning OK'd for new company coming to Panasonic campus

A rezoning that will make way for a new company and an estimated 200 “high-paying” jobs was approved earlier this month by the Peachtree City Council.

The rezoning will allow Panasonic North America to split off part of its existing 60-acre campus to make room for a supplier that will be investing upwards of $1 million to upgrade the facilities with new equipment. Read More»

Fayetteville’s economy on the upswing

Graphic from Shutterstock.

The recent changes in Fayetteville involve much more than the annexation of 1,200 acres on the city’s west side and the upcoming opening of Pinewood Atlanta Studios. The city appears to have come out of the Great Recession, evidenced by significant decreases in business vacancies, large jumps in the single-family residential permits and falling numbers of foreclosures.

A check of current commercial and industrial vacancies in Fayetteville showed continued improvement through the year and a dramatic difference in those rates in 2009. Read More»

Bankruptcy again for PTC’s World Airways

Bankruptcy again for PTC’s World Airways

Global Aviation Holdings, Inc., including its two operating air lines World Airways and North American Airlines, all headquartered in Peachtree City, has announced it has filed voluntary petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

It’s the second time this year the company has been under a Chapter 11 umbrella. It emerged from the earlier filing this past February. Read More»

Group begins process of creating Fayette ‘vision’

Graphic from Shutterstock.

Do you envision what Fayette County might look like in the future? If so, you are not alone. In fact, there is a move afoot to develop and implement that vision with the help of a wide-ranging variety of Fayette residents and a consulting firm specializing in community visioning. Read More»

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