Last F’ville Market Day of the season

Last F’ville Market Day of the season

Cool temperatures could not keep shoppers away from the season’s final installment of Fayetteville Market Day held Nov. 19 around the gazebo in downtown Fayetteville. Here a family inspects potential holiday gifts. Photo/Ben Nelms.

A Boogie Woogie Christmas

Haley, Courtney and Jordan Godwin as The Andrews Sisters. Photo/Special.

Sisters play 'The Andrews Sisters' in show at Legacy Theatre

This Christmas season, The Legacy Theatre in Tyrone invites you to step back in time as it presents the regional premiere of “The Andrews Sisters: Christmas of Swing.” More than just a musical review of 1940s swing music, this family-friendly show is a hilarious, endearing, and at times poignant homage to America’s greatest generation. Read More»

STG prepares a 'Christmas Gift'

STG prepares a 'Christmas Gift'

Terry and Celia Hoffman, longtime members of Southside Theatre Guild in Fairburn, took in a play last year at Stone Mountain ART Station called “Christmas Gift.” The play was based upon a story written by Fayette County resident Dr. Ferrol Sams Jr. After seeing the show, the Hoffmans talked to the playwright, David Thomas, about bringing the show to the theater in Fairburn this year at Christmas. Read More»

TCBY looks back on a great first year

TCBY looks back on a great first year

TCBY in the Braelinn Village Shopping Center in Peachtree City opened in November of 2010. In the year since opening its doors and serving their first cup of frozen yogurt, the shop has ingrained itself in the community and become a destination for friends and families, the young and old, local residents and people from neighboring communities. Read More»

Sa Za in Newnan is serious about their food

From left are owner Joe DiMaggio Jr., sous chef Frazier Bagwell and executive chef Jason Siegel. Photo/Michael Boylan.

Joe DiMaggio Jr., the owner of Sa Za in Newnan (yes, he’s related - he’s Joltin’ Joe’s cousin), has always loved history and archaeology. With a baseball legend in his family tree and ancestors in both northern and southern Italy, it’s easy to see how the stories that were passed down from generation to generation sparked an interest in him and led him to travel all over the world. Read More»

Comedian at It's a Grind Friday

Timothy Banister

Timothy Banister still remembers sneaking into the living room back in the late 70’s when he was seven years old trying to sneak a peek at John Belushi playing the Samurai Warrior on “Saturday Night Live.” He remembers watching shows like “SNL,” “SCTV,” and even old reruns of “The Smothers’ Brothers” and “Laugh-In.”

“I think it was some of the absolute absurdity of watching Andy Kaufman lip synching to Mighty Mouse that really piqued my interest. I mean this was crazy stuff and people were laughing at this crazy stuff,” he said. Read More»

New Hope hosts Brandon Heath in concert Saturday

Brandon Heath.

Brandon Heath, twice-honored as the Gospel Music Association’s Male Vocalist of the Year, brings the stories, messages and meaning of his most recent project “Leaving Eden” to life again this fall. His Leaving Eden tour will make its way around the U.S. this fall 2011. Joining Brandon will be Sparrow artist Britt Nicole. Read More»

CAP volunteer celebrates 73rd birthday with skydive

CAP volunteer celebrates 73rd birthday with skydive

Philip Bowden, a lieutenant colonel with the Peachtree City Civil Air Patrol, celebrated his 73rd birthday on Sept. 24 with a tandem skydive with Ed Bishop of Skydive Monroe as his tandem master. Bowden had made three static line parachute jumps in 1966 but said that the tandem jump from 13,050 feet was “much more fun.” The free-fall lasted 50 seconds and Bishop opened the ‘chute at 4,500 feet, giving them a good five minutes ride before “skidding in on our rumps in the grass beside the runway.” At 73, Bowden was the oldest tandem jumper that Bishop had jumped with, but President George H.W. Read More»

Newnan Community Theatre presents 'On Golden Pond'

Mary Caroline Moore and Tony Daniel “aged up” for their roles as Ethel and Norman Thayer in “On Golden Pond.” Photo/Special.

A conversation with Sarah Jordan, director of the show

By Joan Doggrell
Special to The Citizen

“On Golden Pond,” directed by NCTC’s own Sarah Jordan, opens at the Newnan Community Theatre on November 10. The highly acclaimed movie “On Golden Pond,” made in 1981, starred Henry Fonda, Katherine Hepburn and Jane Fonda.  Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda won best actress and best actor Oscars for their roles.

Sarah, will “On Golden Pond” be the first play you’ve directed? Read More»

At Falcon Field a Young Eagle prepares for flight

At Falcon Field a Young Eagle prepares for flight

For 11-year-old Fayetteville resident Derek Saylor it was up, up and away in a Cessna 172 flown by pilot Ken Gran. The occasion was the Nov. 5 Peachtree City Young Eagles Rally held at Falcon Field. The first-ever event hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 468 and the Commemorative Air Force. Nearly 20 kids took to the clouds for the Saturday event. Photo/Ben Nelms.

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