Coweta band to perform at Peach Drop

Back in 2009, three East Coweta High School students formed the band REIGN to perform at a local talent show. Since then, they have become a fixture with a following at local venues. Left to right are Colin Duncan, drummer, Blaire Morgan, lead vocalist, Matt Duncan, lead guitar and backup vocalist. Photo/Special.

REIGN, a rock band composed of three East Coweta High students, will be performing on the main stage at 6 p.m. at the Peach Drop on New Year’s Eve in Underground Atlanta.
Blaire Morgan and brothers Colin and Matt Duncan organized the band in 2009. Since then the three have become a fixture at local venues, playing at The Brickhouse Grille & Tavern, Powers’ Crossroads Country Fair and Arts Festival, Me & Ed’s, Jekyll & Hyde’s and Summit Family YMCA in addition to private bookings. Read More»

NCTC offers 2012 Youth Theatre Workshops

Newnan Community Theatre Company is offering Youth Theatre Workshops January 7 through May 19,. The workshops are a series of Saturday morning and afternoon classes aimed at elementary and middle school students. They are designed to teach or enhance knowledge of many aspects of theatre, including acting, set design and construction, make-up, stage movement, and basic sound and light operation. Read More»

Several dramas on Kevin's list of top 10 movies of 2011

Another year has almost gone. I almost cannot believe I started writing for the paper seven years ago. I have reviewed comedies, action movies, and oh so many animated films, most of which were very good. I have never made a top 10 films of the year list. I know that critics like Roger Ebert and Claudia Puig make them, but I never thought I would have to make one myself. The movies I have picked were different to me in some way. They were not the same as other movies in their genre or they simply just told a great story. Read More»

Sci-fi and fantasy on Mike's top 10 movies of 2011

I used to go to more movies when I wasn’t a married man with kids. It didn’t matter if a “good” movie was only playing at Tara or Phipps, I’d make the trek and settle in to an Oscar contender at any time of year. That doesn’t happen now. I can’t even get out of the office as much anymore to take in a film. This is all just a way of defending the fact that my list doesn’t have films like “The Descendants,” “Young Adult” or “War Horse” on it. I will see those before the Oscars and use my full knowledge to hopefully make accurate predictions come Oscar time. Read More»

11th annual Miss Starr's Mill pageant this week

The 11th annual Miss Starr’s Mill High School Scholarship Pageant will be held January 5, 6, and 7, 2012. The pageant, which is the annual fundraiser for the Drama Department at Starr’s Mill, has grown to be the largest high school scholarship pageant in the nation. This year it will award about $7,000 in college scholarships. Read More»

Three common questions about hearing loss

As a hearing care provider with AccuQuest Hearing Centers, the largest hearing health private practice in the nation, I see many patients. Of all the questions I get, three stand out as some of the most common and important to understand:

1) What are the symptoms of Hearing Loss?
While the causes, types, and degrees of hearing loss vary, the symptoms are essentially the same. People with hearing loss typically answer “yes” to questions like:

Do I hear, but have a difficult time understanding?

Do I frequently have to ask people to repeat themselves? Read More»

Top 5 resolutions to preserve your vision in the new year

During the holidays and new years celebrations it is common to reflect upon the blessings we have in our lives as well as to make new years resolutions. In that tradition, it is important not to take for granted your most precious sense, vision. We asked Dr. John Henahan, optometrist at Spectrum Eyecare in Peachtree City for his top resolutions for 2012. Read More»

Lights across the water

Lights across the water

The Tinsley Mill Village 45-foot Christmas tree, consisting of more than 2,000 lights, and clearly visible reflected in North Lake Peachtree as one crosses the Ga. Highway 54 bridge, sparkles shortly after sunset near the center of Peachtree City. Photo/Charlotte Lentz.

The Foodie Awards

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Welcome to an extremely unscientific, highly personal awards column that results in no real awards. That being said, as F.C. Foodie, I do sample lots of the local restaurants and I keep my ears open and hear the buzz from local citizens as well. The winners are all very deserving.


Best Breakfast Item - The Maple Bacon Donut at Lagniappe Deauxnuts in Fayetteville. It is my obsession. I love it. I honestly think of ways I can incorporate it into my life more. “Oh, we’re going to a Christmas party. Let’s bring some Maple Bacon Donuts instead of a bottle of wine.” Read More»

'Hugo': Scorsese’s film runs like an endless film reel

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Movies come out every year. They get good reviews, bad reviews, and mixed reviews. I, as a critic, enjoy reviewing these numerous films, the good, the bad, and the too ugly for words. I am a person who usually either likes a movie or hates it. The point is that I don’t give mixed reviews to many films. I will give a film a mixed review if I believe a proper tone is not set, the events are odd or if it starts out one way and ends another. “Hugo” is an example of the first and third reasons for me giving a film a mixed review. Read More»

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