Introducing the BodyScan 2010

By Dr. Tena L Trotter, DC
Special to The Citizen

The BODY SCAN 2010 is a FDA registered device that uses bioenergetic stress testing to identify stressed systems of the body. A few examples of the systems that can be analyzed using this sophisticated equipment are the digestive system, immune system, lymphatic system, hormone system and cardiovascular system. It can also check the organs. Read More»

10 warning signs of hearing loss

If you experience these warning signs repeatedly or in combination, they may indicate a hearing loss.

1. People seem to mumble more frequently.

2. You experience ringing in your ears.

3. You often ask people to repeat themselves.

4. Your family complains that you play the radio or TV too loudly.

5. You no longer hear normal household sounds, such as the dripping of a faucet or the ringing of a doorbell.

6. You have difficulty understanding a conversation when in a large group or crowd.

7. You have trouble understanding all the words in a conversation. Read More»

Options for men with erectile dysfunction

A man’s ability to achieve and sustain an erection depends on the healthy operation of a network of systems that cause vascular tissue to fill with blood. Erectile dysfunction (ED) in men can be associated with a wide variety of underlying medical and psychological conditions including diabetes, excess weight, anxiety, surgery or injury. Read More»

Ask the Anytime Fitness Guy

By Seth Bobbitt
Anytime Fitness

Question: There are so many fat-burning products on the market—are they helpful or harmful? Read More»

Eyestrain, headaches caused by new 3D content

By John L Henahan

In discussing the emerging problem of eyestrain with 3D movies and TV, MIT’s Technology Review (4/5, Grifantini) reports, “The success of 3D movies has been accompanied by complaints from some viewers of headaches and eyestrain.” Read More»

This doesn't take a brain surgeon

By Anne Marie Cook
Special to The Citizen Read More»

Being unconsciously competent

By Robert Rosser
Special to The Citizen Read More»

Peachtree City Curves offers 30-day trial memberships

Thirty dollars doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to--maybe a tank of gas, a pair of jeans on sale, or a couple bags of groceries; but the staff at the Peachtree City Curves thinks you can change your life with $30 and they’re willing to prove it.  From now until May 30, 2010, new members can experience 30 days at the Peachtree City Curves for just $30! Read More»

Relay for Life begins with inspirational Torch of Hope

Relay for Life begins with inspirational Torch of Hope

Relay For Life is a celebration of survivorship and showing cancer who is boss. Each year the Relay For Life of Fayette County starts off with a Torch of Hope relay. The relay starts this Friday at 4 p.m. Read More»

Entertainment at this Friday's Relay for Life

Hush Angels

There will be something for everyone on the main stage at Relay For Life. In between the emotional, moving ceremonies, which are the backbone of Relay, there will be a wide variety of entertainment to help keep the walkers, team members and visiting public entertained all night long. Leading off the evening’s entertainment will be McIntosh High School jazz band. The group of local high school students will get the crowd warmed up for the Torch of Hope lighting as the play from 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Read More»