Ask the Anytime Fitness Guy

By Seth Bobbitt
Anytime Fitness

Question: There are so many fat-burning products on the market—are they helpful or harmful? Read More»

Eyestrain, headaches caused by new 3D content

By John L Henahan

In discussing the emerging problem of eyestrain with 3D movies and TV, MIT’s Technology Review (4/5, Grifantini) reports, “The success of 3D movies has been accompanied by complaints from some viewers of headaches and eyestrain.” Read More»

This doesn't take a brain surgeon

By Anne Marie Cook
Special to The Citizen Read More»

Being unconsciously competent

By Robert Rosser
Special to The Citizen Read More»

Peachtree City Curves offers 30-day trial memberships

Thirty dollars doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to--maybe a tank of gas, a pair of jeans on sale, or a couple bags of groceries; but the staff at the Peachtree City Curves thinks you can change your life with $30 and they’re willing to prove it.  From now until May 30, 2010, new members can experience 30 days at the Peachtree City Curves for just $30! Read More»

Ethica purchases Newnan Nursing & Rehab Center

Newnan Hospital, Inc. announced Apr. 2 that the Newnan Hospital Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has been sold to Macon-based Ethica Health & Retirement Communities.

Newnan Hospital Inc. has operated the 143-bed nursing home, located at 244 Broad St. in Newnan, since purchasing it in 1994 when it was Beaulieu Convalescent Center. When Piedmont Healthcare bought Newnan Hospital in 2007, Newnan Hospital Inc. retained the nursing home because Piedmont did not operate nursing homes. Read More»

Skin Cancer Specialists help screen, educate, treat and manage skin cancer

Dr. Mark Chastain of Skin Cancer Specialists examining a patient. Photo/Special.

Dr. Mark Chastain opened the first Skin Cancer Specialists in Marietta in 2003 and three years later, after seeing the need for an office south of Atlanta, opened a location in Newnan. While the practice can assist patients with general dermatology concerns, skin cancer management is the main focus. Read More»

Teen suicide

Greg Moffatt's picture

On Monday, Mar. 15, a graduate student at Kennesaw State University was found dead in the parking garage on campus. He apparently jumped from the top floor and his death has been ruled a suicide. Read More»

Those voices in your head

I see kids, tweens, teens, and adults in my practice at ANSCC concerning anxiety related disorders.  I explain to them about the many unusual ways that this thing called anxiety can present itself inside of us and get in the way of our daily lives. It can keep us from going to school or work. It can make us perform poorly on a test or on the job. It can make us afraid of the craziest things, like escalators, odd numbers, even pinecones. Read More»

Robotic surgery comes to Piedmont Fayette

Piedmont Fayette Hospital is now providing surgeons with the most advanced da Vinci Surgical System available, enabling them to perform minimally invasive robotic surgery. The dual-console system allows up to two surgeons to perform complex procedures using an approach that may result in less scarring and faster recovery times for patients. Read More»

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