Commission changes procedure to benefit citizens

It may seem like a small matter in terms of a change in procedure, but for those wanting to have input on decisions at meetings of the Coweta County Commission that small change can make the difference in having your say prior to the vote.

The change in procedure, addressed at the Feb. 2 meeting, gives residents additional time to have their names added to the audience participation list. Prior to the change, residents had to sign-up to speak prior to the beginning of the meeting. Read More»

Budget woes: Bad to worse

Fayette braces for property tax crash

Fayette County officials are preparing for the bleak economy to catch up to home values this year.

County financial staff said last week they are preparing for a “worst case” scenario of a 7 percent decline in the tax digest thanks to home foreclosures and a new Georgia law.

Such a decline would reduce the county’s portion of property tax revenue by $2.5 million. The final fallout won’t be known until March when the tax digest data is finalized, officials said. Read More»

Councilman: PTC has too many workers

More than three dozen residents attended a budget meeting hosted by newly-elected Councilman Eric Imker Saturday afternoon at City Hall in Peachtree City.

Imker, citing a $3.3 million shortfall for the approaching 2010-2011 budget year, insists council needs to adopt mid-year budget cuts this year, and soon.

Outlining his budget review Saturday, Imker said the city can easily trim that shortfall and avoid a tax increase. Read More»

School budget in 2011 may be cut $10.3M

The Fayette County Board of Education heard last week its funding next fiscal year could be more than $10.3 million less than what it currently gets, bad news for a system already reeling from $12.65 million in cuts so far this year.

Comptroller Laura Brock at the Jan. 26 meeting gave the board a look at several factors that could influence budget calculations on next year’s budget cycle that begins in July.

Austerity cuts by the state, said Brock, have totaled $39.46 million in the past eight school years, with the largest cuts coming this year and, to date, totaling $12.65 million. Read More»

BoE hopes for 4% cushion in 2010 budget

So far, so good, for the Fayette County School System, at least in terms of the projected fund balance for the year ending June 30. Barring any funding changes the school system might show a balance of $7.88 million in the general fund by the middle of this calendar year, about 4 percent of the total budget.

While the $7.88 million figure looked good on paper, Comptroller Laura Brock at the board meeting last week was quick to note that the idea of predicting year-ending figures in June consists of significant uncertainties with the economy at both the state and local levels. Read More»

F’ville to hear ordinance proposal Thursday

The Fayetteville City Council will take up a change to the purchasing ordinance and consider an improvement to the Lee Street sidewalk project at the Feb. 6 council meeting.

The council will hear the first reading of proposed changes to provide a consistent set of guidelines for administering purchasing procedures.

The only essential change to the ordinance would be changing “city council” to “governing body” to allow the Downtown Development Board and Main Street Tourism Board to fully utilize the city’s purchasing manual, said assistant finance director Ellen Walls. Read More»

School board looks at further use for East Fayette

The oldest school building in Fayette County still has some life in it, despite having lost all its students.

School Board members last week seemed to be amenable to the idea of having the school system’s Facilities Services department relocated to the former East Fayette Elementary School. The board is expected to make a decision on the move at the Feb. 9 meeting. Read More»

Rezoning OK'd for 74S shopping center

The plan for a shopping center off Ga. Highway 74 south and Redwine Road has shrunk a bit under a rezoning approved Thursday night by the Fayette County Commission.

Southern Pines Plantation has had a combination commercial and office zoning for the site, on Peachtree City’s southern border, since 2000. The new plan has shrunk by more than 16,000 square feet to 129,000 square feet. But under the new plan the commercial component has grown by 10,000 square feet with reductions to the size of the office component. Read More»

Cell tower workshop preview

The future of cellphone towers in Peachtree City will be discussed at a workshop meeting of the City Council Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m.

Representatives from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will be on hand to explain their future plans for expansion, as will American Tower, a company that constructs and leases space on cellular towers.

Council will be presented with an overview of the city’s telecommunications tower ordinance. Discussion is also expected about how the city’s zoning laws restrict towers currently. Read More»

Cart bridge widen over lake Ptree

The Peachtree City Council has selected a design option for widening the existing cart path bridge that spans Lake Peachtree along Ga. Highway 54.

The only problem with the project is that it will necessitate the bridge being closed for between two and four weeks, City Engineer David Borkowski told council last week.

But the other two options considered would either have obstructed the view of the lake from the highway or required a significant amount of additional work with the lake to complete, Borkowski said. Read More»

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