Imker: sales tax revenue on upswing

At the most recent Peachtree City Council meeting, Councilman Eric Imker shared what he views as positive news about the economy.

Sales tax revenue is on the rise again, Imker said, noting that the city is now projected to see an increase of $300,000 in the category by the end of the fiscal year in September.

“I think we’ve turned the corner on the sales tax with this economy, so that’s some really good news,” Imker said, pointing to the data on the monthly reports generated by city staff. “I appreciate seeing that information.” Read More»

House easily passes charter school measure

It was going to take a two-thirds super majority of the Georgia House of Representatives to approve a resolution to let voters decide on a constitutional amendment restoring the state’s ability to approve charter schools.

But the 123-48 vote on Wednesday surpassed the requirement and resulted in a vote that had 72 percent of representatives in favor of the resolution. The Senate will soon take up its own version of the proposal. Read More»

Polls to open Sat. for presidential primary

Polls will be open Saturday in Fayetteville for any voter who is ready to cast their ballot in the presidential preference primary. Read More»

Fayette Commission OKs new voting districts map; no at-large posts

Although Fayette residents will retain the right to vote on all five county commission seats, there is a significant change tied to the new commission district maps approved by commissioners last week.

The new five-district map would require all commission candidates to seek only the post for the corresponding district in which they live. Currently under its existing three-district map, the commission has two at-large seats that are not tied to a district residency requirement. Read More»

Frady, Hearn defend county’s new at-large voting district map

Composite shows Fayette County commissioners (from top clockwise) Steve Brown, Lee Hearn, Herb Frady and Robert Horgan.

Last week, two Fayette County Commissioners defended the current at-large voting method against the district voting scheme proposed by a lawsuit filed by the Fayette County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

It marked the first time any commissioner has publicly spoken out about the matter since the lawsuit was filed Aug. 9 last year.

In defense of at-large voting, Commission Chairman Herb Frady said he felt that if he can vote to spend county taxpayers’ money, “you should be able to vote me in or out of office.”
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Fayette BoE eyes replacement for old ‘summer school’

It is a reality that not every student passes every academic course. A proposal put before the Fayette County Board of Education Feb. 13 would modify the method by which students recover credits during the summer months.

The credit recovery model would meet increasing requirements while providing a cost-saving benefit to parents and the school system, proponents contend. Read More»

Fayette to decide on medical insurance provider for staff

The Fayette County Commission is expected to switch its medical insurance administration provider for the county’s self-insurance plan for county employees.

In 2010 the county chose to go the self-insured route, which sets aside funding for claims which are processed by a third party.

For the coming plan year, the county is expected to switch from Meritain to Humana, which had the lowest bid by $592,000. A formal decision is expected at the county commission meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. at the county’s Stonewall government complex in downtown Fayetteville. Read More»

Fayette residents stump for their candidates at SATP forum

Local residents advocating for the presidential candidates they support included (from left) Monk Robinson, Dawn Skinner, Linda Sandwich, Benjamin Harbin, event moderator Bonnie Willis, Chip Flanegan, John Potts, Samuel Wofford, Taylor Griffin and Miles Ramos. Photo/Ben Nelms.

It was a time for local supporters of the range of presidential candidates to have their say on why they preferred one candidate over the other. That was the scene in a unique type of forum held Feb. 18 at the Fayette Family Church. A total of 11 local residents sounded off on their presidential preferences at the event sponsored by the South Atlanta Tea Party (SATP). Noteworthy at the event were the several younger speakers including Bennett’s Mill Middle School sixth-grader Miles Ramos. Read More»

Fayette Elections Board member defends support for Newt

Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, flanked by his family, spoke at a campaign rally Friday at Falcon Field in Peachtree City. A crowd of about 300 supporters welcomed Gingrich to Fayette County, which he represented when he was a congressman from the late 1970s to the early 1990s. A side drama: Fayette County Board of Elections official Marilyn Watts draws fire for her support of Gingrich. Photo/John Munford.

Fayette County Elections Board Member Marilyn Watts says her support of presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is perfectly legal, despite assertions to the contrary by Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown.

Brown is upset that Watts has participated in the Newt Gingrich presidential campaign, but she points out that Georgia law allows her to do so on her personal time.

“You just don’t bring it to the office or the polling place,” Watts said Tuesday. Read More»

Rep. Ramsey: Cut state red tape hampering small businesses

State Rep. Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City, is seeking input from small businesses in Fayette County for a special initiative currently underway by the Georgia House of Representatives to review and evaluate Georgia’s current regulatory environment.

The Red Tape Watch program will be carried out by the Special Committee on Small Business Development and Job Creation throughout the 2012 legislative session.
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