PTC honors state volleyball champs

PTC honors state volleyball champs

Members of the state championship McIntosh volleyball team were honored with a special proclamation at the most recent Peachtree City Council meeting. From left are Mayor Vanessa Fleisch, Head Coach Wendy Weaver, Assistant Coach Meredith Bragg, players Miara Bryant, Kassandra Robert and Maddison Scruggs, manager Salman Rahim and player Liana Dejourdan. Not pictured were Rhana Mitchell, Rhegan Mitchell, Paige Wooten, Abbi Schelkopf, Abbie Duke, Zoey Labonte, Grace Frieze, Mollie Michel and manager Chris Pratt. Photo/John Munford.

Cold weather leads to Senoia water main break

Frigid temperatures Friday morning played havoc with a water line in downtown Senoia. But the break was quickly repaired and the intersection reopened by 11 a.m.

City Manager Richard Ferry said the 8-inch water main at the intersection of Main Street and Seavy Street broke during the night and was first reported at approximately 6:30 a.m. on Friday.

City crews responded, determining the location of the break and making the needed repairs. The work was completed at approximately 11a.m., Ferry said. Read More»

F’ville may hike hotel-motel tax

F’ville may hike hotel-motel tax

Fayetteville is looking at mimicking other Georgia cities by increasing the tax on hotel and motel rooms up to 8 percent compared to the current 5 percent rate. The measure will have to receive approval from the Ga. General Assembly before the increase can be considered.

Director of Community Development Brian Wismer at the Jan. 16 meeting said the current rate of 5 percent on rooms was set in 2001. The legislature in 2008 paved the way for rates to increase to 8 percent, said Wismer. Read More»

F’ville vote for Pye Lake watershed?

The Fayetteville City Council on Jan. 16 took the first step in establishing a watershed district on the south side of Pye Lake designed to help resolve issues with future stormwater runoff. An evaluation is underway to determine if any action is required to deal with the increased flow rate in the tributary that flows into Pye Lake while the proposed ordinance to create the watershed district will deal with future flow rates. The council could vote on the new watershed district ordinance at the Feb. 6 meeting. Read More»

Republicans honor MLK, Jr.

Republicans honor MLK, Jr.

Tyrone Jones, first vice chair of the Fayette County Republican Party, gave remarks Monday at a reception the party threw to recognize the civil rights efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. immediately following the parade and ceremony hosted by the Fayette County Chapter of the NAACP. Jones said he remembered learning about Dr. King as a child, and he underlined King’s belief that our nation is not separated based on party-centric political beliefs, but moreso that “We are all children of God,” regardless of race, creed or color. Read More»

Fayette seeks route to stormwater loan

By JOHN MUNFORD — The Fayette County Commission is poised to ask the Georgia Legislature to allow the county to use its Public Facilities Authority to issue revenue bonds for stormwater improvement projects. Read More»

54W corridor study gets $70K from PTC Council

City Manager Jim Pennington (L) said the corridor study would be good for the city in the long run. City Clerk Betsy Tyler is in the right background. Photo/John Munford.

A $70,000 corridor study to gauge future improvements for traffic-choked Ga. Highway 54 West was approved Thursday night on a 3-2 vote of the Peachtree City Council.

Councilman Eric Imker strenuously objected to the study, saying it was too expensive and that the city should wait and see the benefit of a traffic signal timing improvement project that should be operational by April. Read More»

PTC mayor, council double their pay

PTC Councilman Eric Imker said good finances dictate restoring the pay hikes for city council members. Photo/John Munford.

At their first full meeting of the new year, the Peachtree City Council gave themselves a pay boost, doubling their salaries.

The restored pay raises for the mayor and council members will cost the city $33,000 a year. Read More»

New PTC mayor: maintenance effort to continue

In her first State of the City address to the Peachtree City Rotary Club Thursday, new Mayor Vanessa Fleisch said the city would continue to improve maintenance and rejuvenate city facilities Read More»

Senoia updates historic structure rules

Sometimes it’s a good idea to review local guidelines and practices to make sure they are still relevant to current needs. That was the case last week when the Senoia City Council approved a small number of changes to the city’s guidelines for the rehabilitation and maintenance of historic structures.

“This is a modernized version of what we’ve had for years,” said City Manager Richard Ferry prior to the unanimous vote to accept the updated guidelines which had been reviewed over the past few months. “Guidelines need to be reviewed from time to time.” Read More»