F’ville, Fayette eye partial consolidation of services

Preliminary talks underway to see if county might take over city firefighting, water service, inspections Read More»

Fayette school board district voting dispute hearing pushed back to May 10

Legal intervention by the Fayette County Commission has, for now at least, thwarted a settlement that would have restricted voters to casting a ballot for only one of five seats on the Fayette County Board of Education. Read More»

Voters to decide F’ville economic development initiative

An initiative that will place an economic redevelopment measure on the November ballot received unanimous approval April 19 from the Fayetteville City Council. The city is expected to begin an educational process for residents this summer to make the case that the initiative, the State Redevelopment Law Powers referendum, identifies specific commercial areas within the city for redevelopment and does not represent a new tax. Read More»

Sen. Isakson: Social Security, Medicare ‘must be reformed’

Speaking Tuesday at the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, Georgia’s U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson said, “We need a government that gets out of the pocket of business and gets off their back.” Photo/Ben Nelms.

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson was in Fayetteville Tuesday to address the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce. He shared the lunch meeting with a room full of business people, centering his remarks on the November election, federal spending and the need to reform Social Security, Medicare and the tax code.

“This is the most important election in the history of this country,” Isakson said of the upcoming election in November. “We are overly regulated, overly taxed and overly governed.” Read More»

What now for Fayette County Board of Education?

Election qualifying uncertainties multiply after judge vacates own ruling, orders new hearing May 3 in NAACP lawsuit

What now? That’s the question many are asking after a federal judge vacated his own order last week — an order that had upended the longstanding method of electing members to the Fayette County Board of Education. Read More»

Governor signs Rep. Ramsey's school diabetes treatment law

Advocates attended the recent signing hosted by Gov. Nathan Deal. From left are Brian Hudson, the Hudson Group; American Diabetes Association volunteers Courtney Dorsett and her son, Cristian; Missy, Anna Lynn and  Representative Matt Ramsey; Governor Nathan Deal; Andy Lord, Georgia Capitol Solutions, Inc.; ADA volunteers Larry and Elissa Holder and their daughter Melissa; Brittany Freeman, ADA Advocacy Director; Jamie Dukes, CEO, Put Your Dukes Up Foundation, Inc. Photo/Special.

Gov. Nathan Deal has signed a bill to require schools to help provide care to diabetic students at no extra cost to the state.

The bill gives guardians and physicians the option to sign a diabetes medical management plan that allows students to perform daily monitoring activities in school. And each school which has at least one diabetic student enrolled must have at least two school employees trained under the diabetes care guidelines of the Georgia Association of School Nurses. Read More»

Judge reverses himself: District voting not a done deal after all

Judge rescinds NAACP/Fayette BoE consent decree, orders new hearing for May 3

In an unusual case of high level legal backpedaling that throws at least four Fayette County Board of Education elections into disarray, a federal district judge last week in effect said, “Oops, let’s have a do-over.”

Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr., in the April 18 order vacated his own ruling from February that effectively ended at-large voting for school board posts in Fayette County and set a new hearing for May 3. Read More»

Brown wants Elections Board’s Watts ouster, Watts cries foul

Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown.

Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown wants to remove Marilyn Watts as the Republican Party-appointed representative to the Fayette County Board of Elections.

Details of the complaint were kept mum at a Tuesday meeting of the Fayette County Republican Party’s executive committee. But Watts said Tuesday that Brown’s complaint is the same he aired recently: that she shouldn’t have worked for the Newt Gingrich campaign after she was appointed to the elections board earlier this year. Read More»

Commissioner Brown denies NAACP ties

Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown, a former member of the Fayette County branch of the National Association of the Advancement for Colored People, says he informally dissolved his membership “years ago” over the group’s stance on district voting. Read More»

Commission qualifying dates to be delayed for map OK?

There is a chance that qualifying for the three seats on the Fayette County Commission will be delayed beyond the May 23-25 qualifying period. Read More»

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