Commissioners-elect look at bypass questions, selection of new manager

Future issues

When Fayette County’s three new commissioners take office in January, they will face one looming issue that will give them a big opportunity to make their mark right off the bat.

That’s because they will be picking a replacement for interim County Administrator Jack Krakeel, who retired in July but is staying on until a new administrator is hired. Read More»

Ognio swamps incumbent Hearn, Barlow defeats Huddleston for 2 Fayette Commission posts

The 2013 Fayette County Commission. David Barlow (L) and Randy Ognio won big in the Aug. 21 runoff. Charles Oddo (center) defeated incumbent Robert Horgan July 31. Current commissioners Allen McCarty (2nd from R) and Steve Brown (R) pose with the commissioners-elect. Photo/Special.

The two men, Randy Ognio and David Barlow, ran their first political races this summer, but they have been familiar faces at the Fayette County Commission for the past two years. Both regularly criticized the incumbents for the West Fayetteville Bypass, lack of transparency to the public and what they considered the board majority’s lack of regard for the average taxpayer.

Tuesday, they overwhelmed their opponents in the Republican runoff, ousting incumbent Lee Hearn and stopping a political bid by Fayetteville attorney Sheila Huddleston. Read More»

Election Board hears case against Fayette GOP Chairman Lane Watts

County attorney Scott Bennett (L) served as moderator Aug. 13 for a hearing conducted by the Fayette County Board of Elections on the challenge that Fayette County Republican Party Chairman Lane Watts did not reside at the address listed on his voter registration form during portions of 2011 and 2012. Board members Addison Lester (center) and Darryl Hicks after the hearing said they would render a decision on the issue in 5-10 days. Photo/Ben Nelms.

A hearing challenging Lane Watts’ standing as chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party was held Aug. 13 before the Fayette County Board of Elections.

Two of the three-person board heard from three witnesses whose testimony indicated that Watts did not reside at the Peachtree City residence during portions of 2011 and 2012 even though the address was listed as his residence on his voter registration paperwork.

The board will render a decision in 5-10 days. Read More»

PTC’s mayor hit with ethics complaint

Former Mayor Harold Logsdon (L) and current Mayor Don Haddix. File photos.

A Peachtree City resident has filed an ethics complaint against Mayor Don Haddix for using city funds to settle a libel lawsuit filed over a statement made about former Mayor Harold Logsdon in an email Haddix sent to a city employee.

Steve Thaxton, who has publicly asked Haddix at a council meeting to repay the $9,969 in legal fees, filed the complaint Monday alleging that Haddix committed several ethics violations regarding the matter. Read More»

Sen. Chance backs regional transit ‘oversight’ council

State Senator Ronnie Chance (R-Tyrone). File photo.

With $3.6 billion in transit money off the table with the failed regional T-SPLOST, state government officials will now turn their eyes toward legislation that would create a regional transit agency for metro Atlanta.

While Fayette County has no transit operations here, there are concerns the county could perhaps be lumped into a regional transit agency, and possibly on the hook for partially funding such an endeavor. Read More»

Election aftermath — New sheriff, runoffs for 2 commission races, T-SPLOST a bust

Advance voting’s paper trail — Elections employees at county headquarters work on the paper printouts from advance voting machines after polls closed on Election Day July 31. Photo/John Munford.

Last week’s primary election is over, with at least one new member elected to the Fayette County commission and to the school board, along with a new county sheriff as Barry Babb unseated incumbent lawman Wayne Hannah. [Editor Cal Beverly opines on "What it all means" here.]

But it’s not over: local voters still have to settle three runoff races on Tuesday, Aug. 21. Read More»

Voters hit the polls in Fayette, Coweta races

Though they are counties in two separate regional commissions and judicial circuits, Coweta and Fayette voters did have a couple of primary races on common. Those included the race for the District 3 Congressional seat and the race for the District 71 seat in the Georgia House of Representatives. Beyond those races there were plenty of others for voters’ consideration, especially in Fayette County. Read More»

Fayette primary winners and losers have their say

The July 31 primary ended with clear winners in some races, while others will face runoff elections later this month. A number of the candidates were contacted for their thoughts on their campaigns and the results of the election. The comments of those responding thus far are included below. Read More»

Coweta final unofficial results of July 31 primary election

Coweta 28 of 28 precincts reporting

Ga. House D-71
Darryl Marmon, 2,014 votes (27.70%)
Robert Stokely, 5,258 votes (72.30%)

Superior Court, Coweta Circuit
Kevin McMurry, 8,639 votes (48.96%)
Emory Palmer, 8,990 votes (50.95%)

T-SPLOST in Coweta
Yes, 22.55%
No, 77.45%

Coweta Sunday alcohol by the drink
Yes, 62.61%
No, 37.39%

Fayette BoE to set goals for school closures, redistricting at Aug. 6 called meeting

Fayette COunty School Superintendent Jeff Bearden. File photo.

Most people who keep up with the happenings of the Fayette County School System know that the closure of up to five schools is currently under at least theoretical consideration. But there are a number of parameters that will be determined before the Fayette County Board of Education tackles the issue.

To that end, a called meeting will be held on Aug. 6 to discuss those parameters and give direction to the committee that will be charged with doing the research that will help the board reach a decision on the closure issue. Read More»

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