Healthcare panel tries to ‘decode’ Obamacare for public

(Front, L-R) Rep. Virgil Fludd; Fayetteville Councilman Paul Oddo Jr.; Fayette Commissioner Charles Oddo; Commissioner David Barlow; Fayette Commissioner Randy Ognio; Peachtree City Councilman George Dienhart; Rep. Sandra Scott; Rep. Ronnie Mabra; and Fayetteville Mayor Greg Clifton. Behind them are panel members (L-R) Natalie Hernandez, moderator; Starla Hairston-Blanks; Amanda Ptashkin; and Bill Rencher. Photo/Special.

A panel of healthcare professionals met at the library in Fayetteville recently to inform 80 area residents about some of the aspects of the federal Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The 2013 Issues Conference: Decoding the Affordable Care Act was sponsored by Democratic District 63 Rep. Ronnie Mabra and the Fayette County Democratic Committee. Read More»

GOP squabble turns physical

Friction between the two competing factions of the Fayette County Republican Party in a March incident has led to misdemeanor simple battery charges being levied last week against Peachtree City resident Jim Richter for “grabbing” longtime Republican mainstay Marilyn Watts.

The March incident occurred at the Fayette County Republican Party breakfast at the IHOP restaurant in Fayetteville.

The incident involved documents that Richter had produced. Watts picked up one or more of the documents and Richter is said to have grabbed her shoulders while retrieving the documents. Read More»

Brown, Horgan differ on ‘settlement’ offered to NAACP in district voting case

Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown contended this week that last year three county commissioners approved offering a settlement that would have enacted district voting in time for the November 2012 elections.

Brown contends the settlement, which he did not approve because he opposes district voting, was ultimately rejected by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which has advocated in a federal lawsuit for a district voting format to replace Fayette’s current at-large voting process. Read More»

Horgan vs. Brown: Ethics battle goes to court

Former Fayette County Commissioner Robert Horgan wants current County Commission Chairman Steve Brown to repay the $2,128 in legal fees he was reimbursed for relating to two ethics complaints Horgan filed against Brown. Read More»

Minority district map meanders to find 35 voters

Proposed new voting map would create a majority-minority District 5. Map source/Fayette County legal team.

Commission to challenge new 50.22% district that runs from Tyrone across N. Fayette down into F’ville

The Fayette County Commission is “pursuing an appeal” of a federal judge’s ruling that mandates an overhaul of how members are elected to the county commission and board of education.

Part of that overhaul is a remapping of the county’s voting districts.
Read More»

Ga. Chamber grades Coweta legislators

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce has released its legislative scorecard for the 2013 session of the Georgia General Assembly, and Coweta’s legislative representation received wildly different grades for their voting on bills marked favorable to business by the Georgia Chamber. Read More»

Chance gets good marks from Ga. Chamber

State Senator Ronnie Chance (R-Tyrone) has received the highest ranking given on the Georgia Chamber’s Legislative Scorecard. The Chamber’s legislative scorecard recognizes legislators that supported strong business initiatives during the 2013 legislative session. Read More»

Former PTC Mayor Logsdon to try another run

Former Peachtree City Mayor Harold Logsdon has announced he will seek re-election to the office he held for one term.

And he’s running against a man he sued for libel.

Logsdon, who settled a libel suit against current Mayor Don Haddix last year, served as mayor from 2005 to 2009.

In his final year in office, the city eliminated a number of public works positions as landscaping services were cut and shifted to private landscaping companies via contract. The change was necessary at the time to provide a deep savings in the budget, Logsdon said at the time. Read More»

PTC mayor’s race now a party of 4; Bloom sets run for Post 4

If someone else enters the race for Peachtree City mayor, the new entrant might as well starting handing out racing silks, helmets and jockey’s whips, because it could turn out to be a horse race.

Tuesday night, Councilman George Dienhart announced his candidacy for the mayor’s post, joining fellow council member Vanessa Fleisch and sitting mayor Don Haddix. When you add already-announced businessman Ryan Jolly to the list, that puts the field at four, and there’s still time for another horse or two to make their entry in the crowded field before qualifying in August. Read More»

Topic for this debate: District voting in Fayette

Wayne Kendall (L) and Bob Ross debate district voting. Photo/John Munford.

Both sides of the district voting debate aired their differences in a “debate” March 19 at the Harvest Community Christian Church.

Attorney Wayne Kendall told the crowd that district voting is necessary because history has shown that black candidates have been thwarted by their white counterparts in races for seats on the county commission and the county board of education. Read More»

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