Milestone project approved for I-85/Poplar Rd. interchange

The Coweta County Commission on March 6 helped move the county one step closer to what is planned to be a new interchange along I-85 and Poplar Road. Commissioners approved a required $47,717 value engineering study that must precede the interchange project concept report. Read More»

Fayette County employees to pay more in medical costs

Fayette County Administrator Jack Krakeel.

Fayette County employees will retain the same medical insurance premiums for the coming year, but they will end up paying more out of pocket for services under a new plan approved by the county commission last month.

The county is transitioning away from a 100 percent payment for hospitalization, knocking that figure down to 90 percent. That means that employees will have to pay 10 percent of the discounted medical bill going forward, officials explained to the Fayette County Commission Feb. 23. Read More»

Barlow to challenge for Frady’s commission position

Tyrone resident David Barlow has announced he will seek the Post 2 seat on the Fayette County Commission currently held by veteran politician Herb Frady.

Frady for his part said he has not decided whether he will run for re-election.

There’s no arguing that Barlow and Frady are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, as Barlow sides with the vision of current commissioners Steve Brown and Allen McCarty. Read More»

Ognio will run for Post 3 commission seat held by Hearn

Local businessman Randy Ognio has decided to run for the Post 3 seat on the Fayette County Commission currently held by Lee Hearn. Read More»

Fayette Commission OKs new voting districts map; no at-large posts

Although Fayette residents will retain the right to vote on all five county commission seats, there is a significant change tied to the new commission district maps approved by commissioners last week.

The new five-district map would require all commission candidates to seek only the post for the corresponding district in which they live. Currently under its existing three-district map, the commission has two at-large seats that are not tied to a district residency requirement. Read More»

Frady, Hearn defend county’s new at-large voting district map

Composite shows Fayette County commissioners (from top clockwise) Steve Brown, Lee Hearn, Herb Frady and Robert Horgan.

Last week, two Fayette County Commissioners defended the current at-large voting method against the district voting scheme proposed by a lawsuit filed by the Fayette County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

It marked the first time any commissioner has publicly spoken out about the matter since the lawsuit was filed Aug. 9 last year.

In defense of at-large voting, Commission Chairman Herb Frady said he felt that if he can vote to spend county taxpayers’ money, “you should be able to vote me in or out of office.”
Read More»

Fayette to decide on medical insurance provider for staff

The Fayette County Commission is expected to switch its medical insurance administration provider for the county’s self-insurance plan for county employees.

In 2010 the county chose to go the self-insured route, which sets aside funding for claims which are processed by a third party.

For the coming plan year, the county is expected to switch from Meritain to Humana, which had the lowest bid by $592,000. A formal decision is expected at the county commission meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. at the county’s Stonewall government complex in downtown Fayetteville. Read More»

Fayette tax digest drops 8%

Decline in value of property translates into lower income for local governments

The tax digest numbers are in and they forecast more belt-tightening for all Fayette County governments in 2012. Read More»

Commission OK’s five-district map; retains at-large voting process

Despite several concerns that the process was “rushed” with little advance notice, a new voting district map was approved tonight by the Fayette County Commission.

The map breaks the county into five separate county commission districts but the commission will retain at-large voting, which allows all voters the ability to vote on all five county commission races.

County officials said the map needed to be approved tonight in time to submit the next day for consideration by the Georgia legislature. The legislature’s deadline to accept such matters is February 15, officials said. Read More»

Fayette Commission signals no lawsuit settlement

It is almost a certainty that the Fayette County Commission and the Fayette County NAACP will be duking it out in federal court.

The commission announced last week that it intends to keep the at-large voting method for all five county commission seats. That is the exact opposite of the remedy sought by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in a lawsuit filed in August against the county commission and also the Fayette County Board of Education. Read More»

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