County to vote on spending $1.8 million of SPLOST funds for new W. Bypass bridge

A $1.86 million bid to build a bridge over Whitewater Creek for the West Fayetteville Bypass is expected to be approved by the Fayette County Commission Thursday night.

The low bid from McCarthy Improvement Company beat out the next highest bid from Sunbelt Structures at $1.9 million, and two other bids topping $2 million each.

The county received a total of four bids for the project after sending out 15 invitations directly to contractors, as well as advertising the bid on the Internet and in the county’s legal organ. Read More»

Coweta revenues and budget up slightly

Coweta County citizens on Sept. 6 got a look at the budget for the new fiscal year that begins in October. The $59.8 million general fund budget carries a 1.2 percent increase over the current year and will use a small portion of the county’s unrestricted reserves to balance it. Read More»

Coweta County website reaches transparency milestone

Coweta County’s website has received the highest grade given to government websites by the non-profit Sunshine Review. The Sunshine Review evaluates the transparency and information provided by more than 6,000 state and local government websites and assigned a grade to each.

Coweta County Public Affairs Director Patricia Palmer said the website rating was recently raised to an A+ after an intensive effort to insure that more information was easily available on the site.  Read More»

Fayette Commission to hear plans for West Bypass Phase 3

At a workshop meeting Wednesday, Fayette County public works officials will present a scaled-back series of improvements for the third and final phase of the controversial West Fayetteville Bypass.

No vote is expected yet from the commission, as county staff just want to lay out the potential improvements and projected costs. The workshop meeting is open to the public and starts at 3:30 p.m. at the county’s Stonewall government complex in downtown Fayetteville. Read More»

Fire tax increases, but Fayette keeps property tax rate steady

Instead of raising property taxes countywide to offset declining property values, the Fayette County Commission will balance the budget by taking $2.8 million from the county’s unrestricted cash reserves.

The commission voted Aug. 23 to keep its millage rates the same for the general fund, EMS and E-911 services, but the fire service millage rate will increase just over half a mill. Read More»

Fayette County to tap reserves to balance budget

Fayette County government is poised to eat a $2.76 million decline in property taxes due to decreased valuations, largely by taking $2.8 million from the county’s unrestricted cash reserves.

At Thursday night’s county commission meeting, the commission is expected to keep the same property tax millage rate for its general fund, EMS and E-911 services, though a hike is in the offing for the fire tax rate. Read More»

Fayette shifts $12.8M from west bypass to east bypass

Federal funding change still leaves east route short $36M short

In the hopes of helping along the proposed East Fayetteville Bypass, the Fayette County Commission recently voted 3-2 to steer $12.8 million in future federal funds away from the West Fayetteville Bypass. Read More»

Coweta millage rate weathers recessionary storm

The adoption of Coweta County’s 2012 millage rate will be up for a vote by the County Commission on Aug. 21. As it stands now, property owners in the incorporated areas will see the same rate as last year while property owners in the unincorporated will see a small decrease in the millage rate.

County Finance Director Hans Wilson at the Aug. 7 meeting recommended that commissioners maintain the millage rate for the incorporated areas at 7.79 mills. As for the unincorporated areas, Wilson recommended that the rate be decreased by .14 mills, from 6.8 down to 6.66 mills. Read More»

Sen. Chance backs regional transit ‘oversight’ council

State Senator Ronnie Chance (R-Tyrone). File photo.

With $3.6 billion in transit money off the table with the failed regional T-SPLOST, state government officials will now turn their eyes toward legislation that would create a regional transit agency for metro Atlanta.

While Fayette County has no transit operations here, there are concerns the county could perhaps be lumped into a regional transit agency, and possibly on the hook for partially funding such an endeavor. Read More»

Fayette may shift funds from west bypass to start east bypass

With the regional T-SPLOST tax defeated, so was the hope for getting full funding for the proposed East Fayetteville Bypass.

A chance remains, however, to steer $12.8 million in federal funding initially planned for the third phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass toward the east bypass. The Fayette County Commission is slated to vote Thursday night to do just that at the recommendation of county staff. Read More»

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