Former NAACP lawyer goes after Fayette’s attorney on ethics

An ethics complaint against County Attorney Scott Bennett has been lodged by Fayette County residents Richard and Judith Moore.

The complaints center on a beef between Bennett and the Moores’ attorney, Wayne Kendall, who at one point represented several other county residents and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in a still-pending lawsuit filed against the county that seeks to enact district voting in lieu of at-large voting in Fayette County for seats on the county commission and the board of education. Read More»

‘Speed table’ in your subdivision’s future?

The Fayette County Public Works Department is crafting regulations designed to help slow down speeders in neighborhoods that lie in the unincorporated county.

The county has had success with a speed table, a device that lifts an automobile off the ground to a flat plateau of several feet before bringing them back to the road path at grade level. The current ones are installed on East Banks Road, which was often a cut-through for traffic using Banks Road as a back route to the Fayette Pavilion shopping center and beyond. Read More»

NAACP map splits 11 of 36 Fayette voting precincts

Fayette Co. asks court to rule against ‘racial gerrymandering’

In the legal battle over how citizens are elected to Fayette County’s board of education and county commission, both sides are now sparring over the map proposed by the plaintiffs including the Fayette County and national branches of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Read More»

Drought deepens, lakes fall

Fishermen enjoy Lake Horton last spring before the pool fell more than 14 feet from its normal depth during the continuing drought. Photo/Maggie Zerkus.

County seeks tougher watering rules, ‘serious water conservation’ efforts

With the drought bringing the level of Lake Horton to 14 feet below its full pool, county water officials want to petition state regulators to adopt new water restrictions for the entire county.

The Fayette County Commission is expected to approve a petition Thursday that would restrict all outdoor watering to the odd-even system for all properties in Fayette County. Currently all property owners are allowed to water landscaping daily between 4 p.m. and 10 a.m., but that would be eliminated under the additional water restrictions, officials said. Read More»

Misfiring on hiring Fayette’s new chief administrator

3 commissioners snubbed in process of interviewing replacement for Krakeel; former PTC Councilman Rapson is committee's choice Read More»

Speed limit to decrease on Morgan Road

Coweta County commissioners last week voted to decrease the speed limit along Morgan Road off U.S. Highway 16 that runs behind the Coweta Charter Academy at Senoia. Once it receives state approval the speed limit will decrease to 40 miles per hour.

Morgan Road extends from Lawshe Road on the west to Hwy. 16 on the east, which by default carries a maximum speed of 55 miles per hour. The 2,700-foot road has no current speed limit posting. Read More»

Attorney: Emails prove collusion in redistrict suit

An attorney seeking to overturn the new five-district map for electing Fayette County commissioners claims to have found a smoking gun that proves two opposing attorneys colluded to file the federal lawsuit that enacted the map in March.

Attorney Wayne Kendall claims that prior to Peachtree City-based attorney Rick Lindsey filing the lawsuit, Fayette County Attorney Scott Bennett emailed a template for the complaint to Lindsey, who used that template to file a federal lawsuit against the commission seeking adoption of the five district map. Read More»

Horror Hill approved for final year on Ware Rd.

The horrors and Halloween excitement of long-running Horror Hill Haunted Trails in west Coweta County is about to come to an end, at least at its current location. The Coweta County Commission on Sept. 18 approved the Halloween venue for a final year at its location on Ware Road. Read More»

Last gasp for West Fayetteville Bypass?

The informal plan for a scaled back version of the third phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass presented to the Fayette County Commission last week includes a new roundabout at the intersection of Ebenezer Church and Redwine roads and the realignment of the intersection of Ebenezer Church and Lester Road to allow traffic to flow smoothly. Read More»

Fayette Commission ready to relax 3-dog/cat limit in A-R zoning areas

A county ordinance that limits residents to having just three dogs and/or cats may be loosened in the near future. Read More»