Fayette eliminates 21 vacancies to recoup retirement savings promise

Fayette County Administrator Steve Rapson. File photo.

County replaced 22 of 32 employees who retired in June

Fayette County’s new county administrator last week eliminated 21 vacant positions across various county departments to create the nearly $2 million savings projected by the use last year of an early retirement program for county employees.

Steve Rapson said he was surprised to learn that the county had hired 22 new employees to take the place of the departing 32 employees, which stood to wipe out a significant chunk of the projected savings from the early retirement program. Read More»

Pinewood Studios site goes to planning commission

The future Pinewood Studios will occupy this site off Veterans Parkway in central Fayette County, provided property owners get rezoning approval. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The process that would establish British-based Pinewood Studios Group in Fayette County is about to begin. A rezoning request for the 288-acre property on Sandy Creek Road and Veterans Parkway will be heard Thursday night (March 7) by the Fayette County Planning Commission.

The 288.50-acre tract is situated immediately to the west of Veterans Parkway and Sandy Creek Road. The property is currently zoned A-R (Agricultural-Residential) and R-70 (Rural-Residential with lots of two to three acres). The tract is surrounded by properties zoned R-70. Read More»

Fayette eyeing property or sales tax for stormwater revenue

County resident and business owner Tim Thoms said in receiving his stormwater bill, he felt like “the can being kicked down the road,” a euphemism used to blame previous county officials for not dedicating enough funding to the stormwater program. Photo/John Munford.

Citizens continue to vent on new stormwater fee at 2nd of 3 town hall meetings Monday

Fayette County government officials are examining several different ways to fund the replacement of deteriorating stormwater pipes underneath county roads, along with other stormwater improvements. Read More»

Fayette to propose alternatives for stormwater fees

New commission has taken heat for fees based on impervious surface

Fayette County staff is expected to address pros and cons of various solutions for funding the county’s stormwater program at a town hall meeting Monday, March 4 at 7 p.m. in the large meeting room at Read More»

Students sought for model regional commission

Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown is inviting all rising sophomores and juniors in local high schools to apply for the Model Atlanta Regional Commission (MARC) youth leadership program.

Now in its 15th year, the award-winning Model Atlanta Regional Commission brings together 50 teens from all 10 counties in the region for six months of study, debate and hands-on activities regarding regional issues and challenges. It gives teens an opportunity to learn more about the community in which they live while honing their leadership skills. Read More»

Fayette to consider 3 rezonings at Thursday meeting

A proposal to build a movie and TV production studio on Ga. Highway 138 near the Fayette-Clayton county line will be considered by the Fayette County Commission Thursday night. Read More»

Big tax change coming when you buy a new or used vehicle

Birthday tax to disappear on vehicles purchased after March 1

How — and when — you pay the ad valorem tax on your personal car or truck is about to change for some people, big time. How big a change will depend on when you bought your new or used car.

A new law that changes the way motor vehicles are taxed in Georgia will go into effect on March 1, 2013, according to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Motor vehicles purchased on or after March 1, 2013 and titled in this state will be exempt from sales and use tax and the annual ad valorem tax, also known as the “birthday tax,” says GDR. Read More»

Coweta to test propane vehicles

It is something used by an increasing number of local governments as a way of offsetting high fuel prices. And in Coweta County, what essentially amounts to a demonstration project in will determine the cost-savings of transitioning 10 county vehicles to a fuel system that uses propane as an alternative to gas. Read More»

Brown appoints committee on disposition of old jail

Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown has empaneled a citizen commission to investigate whether the county should resuscitate its old jail facility or plan to expand the current jail facility.

The old jail has been mothballed since the county’s justice center opened in 2003 and it likely needs several hundred thousand dollars in repairs to be usable again.

In addition to the citizens on the committee, Brown said he has also asked Sheriff Barry Babb, who operates the jail, to participate as well either directly or through a designee. Read More»

Fayette commissioners to meet with department heads

The Fayette County Commission will host a day-long meeting with various county department heads Thursday in an effort to “get to know” their internal leaders and how each department functions.

The morning will start at 7:50 a.m. with presentations of approximately half an hour from the Emergency 911 center, the library, buildings and grounds and public works departments. Following a short break, the schedule resumes at 10:25 for the parks and recreation, fire and EMS departments along with the county’s water system. Read More»

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