F’ville works with county to smooth annexation issues

The large annexation of properties on Fayetteville’s northwest side is underway. Aspects of the proposed development for the area, specifically the Pinewood Atlanta studios property, will be the topic of a July 11 meeting to forge an intergovernmental agreement between Fayetteville and Fayette County.

Fayetteville Community Development Director Brian Wismer said the site plan for the Pinewood Atlanta development currently under construction was previously approved by Fayette County and subject to a series of conditions. Read More»

Fayette Commission honors three students

Fayette Commission honors three students

The Fayette County Commission Thursday honored three local students who will serve on a model regional commission during the upcoming school year. Front row (L-R): County Commission Chairman Steve Brown, Model ARC students Amelia Traylor, Ellie Klarl and Harrison Gibbs, Fayette ARC respresentative Bob Reeves and County Commissioner Charles Oddo. Back row: Tyrone Mayor Eric Dial and County Commissioners Randy Ognio, David Barlow and Allen McCarty. Photo/John Munford.

Former Fayette employee tossed from meeting for 'name calling'

County Commission Chairman Steve Brown, at right, ordered former county assistant finance director Emory McHugh, left, to leave Thursday’s commission meeting. Brown ejected McHugh from the room for “name calling” though McHugh was not vulgar. Photo/John Munford.

A recently fired Fayette County employee was thrown out of the county commission meeting Thursday night by commission Chairman Steve Brown after he was warned several times to avoid “name calling.”

Brown tossed former Assistant Finance Director Emory McHugh immediately after McHugh was speaking about County Administrator Steve Rapson and, referencing an entomological reference he made earlier about the name “Steve” said the following: “Remember, Steve is synonymous with deceitful.” Read More»

Coweta to finish 3rd floor of Justice Center

The third floor of the Coweta County Justice Center in Newnan is about to receive improvements that will lead to the creation of room for superior court, a judge’s chamber and other additions in the 2,400 sq. ft. project.

The Coweta County Commission on June 4 voted unanimously to award a $435,000 low bid to Headley Construction for the build-out project on the third floor of the justice center. Read More»

Coweta sends letter of support for Poplar Rd. interchange on I-85

It was only a letter of support for a transportation project envisioned years ago. But the June 4 letter of continued support by the Coweta County Commission for the effort that will lead to construction of the Poplar Road interchange at Interstate 85 is another small step that will soon lead to a major transportation enhancement that will pay dividends for decades. Read More»

Fayette commissioners have their doubts about fluoridating our water

It is written into state law and cannot be violated. But that is not stopping most on the Fayette County Commission from wanting to know more about the effects of fluoride added to the county’s water supplies.

The informal consensus of the commission is that fluoridation should be reviewed, while two on the commission believe the long-held practice should end due to adverse health effects on citizens. Read More»

Fayette sets balanced budget, will sell ’copter

The disposal of the helicopter unit used by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department is up for a ratification vote by the Fayette County Commission at its regular meeting Thursday night.

The vote is listed on the consent agenda, a sign that the matter is expected to be rubber-stamped by the commission based on the recommendation from Sheriff Barry Babb. Read More»

Horgan vs. Brown: Ethics battle goes to court

Former Fayette County Commissioner Robert Horgan wants current County Commission Chairman Steve Brown to repay the $2,128 in legal fees he was reimbursed for relating to two ethics complaints Horgan filed against Brown. Read More»

Minority district map meanders to find 35 voters

Proposed new voting map would create a majority-minority District 5. Map source/Fayette County legal team.

Commission to challenge new 50.22% district that runs from Tyrone across N. Fayette down into F’ville

The Fayette County Commission is “pursuing an appeal” of a federal judge’s ruling that mandates an overhaul of how members are elected to the county commission and board of education.

Part of that overhaul is a remapping of the county’s voting districts.
Read More»

Fayette to appeal district voting

The NAACP-submitted map for a majority minority voting district. The new district curves across the top of the county from Tyrone on the west (top left) and dips down into Fayetteville. PDF of map provided by Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown.

NAACP map would produce district with 50.22 percent minority voters

The Fayette County Commission has decided to pursue an appeal of a federal court ruling that stands to drastically change how representatives are elected to the county commission and the board of education. Read More»

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