Tax digest decrease slows to just 1% less in ’13

The idea of a county’s tax digest showing declining numbers could hardly be called good news. But given the 20 percent decrease in the value of property that has occurred over the past three years, the potential of seeing the tax digest decrease by only 1 percent this year could make the argument that Fayette County may be turning the corner on the Great Recession. Read More»

Studio rezoning up Thurs. night

A plan to rezone 289 acres in rural central Fayette County to make way for a multi-million dollar movie studio will be up for a vote before the Fayette County Commission Thursday night.

The project is expected to bring roughly 2,000 jobs once it gets up to full steam. Read More»

County warns of 'aggressive' pit bull dog in Lees Lake area

Commission chairman: citizens can 'take dog down if they feel threatened'

Fayette County officials are warning the public about a loose pit bull dog in the area of Lees Lake Road that is acting aggressively.

In a news release issued Friday afternoon, officials noted that a resident on Lees Lake was grilling out one evening and came face to face with a large pit bull standing next to his grill.

The resident, Charles Mitchell, said the dog's “mouth came open and he started towards me growling,” Mitchell was quoted as saying in the release. The county noted that Mitchell was thankful his grandchildren were not playing in the yard. Read More»

Coweta adds 2 officers to elementary schools

A March 19 request by Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager led to the unanimous approval by the Coweta County Commission to provide half-funding for two additional school resource officers (SRO) to provide support in the elementary schools in the unincorporated areas.

Sheriff Mike Yeager told commissioners the need for additional school resource officers came at the request of the school system after the recent school shooting in Connecticut. Read More»

Despite past opposition, commissioners OK West Bypass

It came with a significant caveat, but the Fayette County Commission on March 14 voted to complete the construction on Phase 2 of the West Fayetteville Bypass.

The irony is that all five commissioners have vehemently opposed what each previously called “the road to nowhere” at one time or another during the past three years. Read More»

Ex-Commissioner Horgan’s ethics charge against Brown goes down, 2-1

An ethics complaint filed by former Fayette County Commissioner Robert Horgan against commission Chairman Steve Brown over an investigation into former county attorney’s missing computer was dismissed last week by the Fayette County Ethics Commission on a 2-1 vote. Read More»

Fayette tells legislature to back off on T-SPLOST penalty

The regional 1-cent sales tax for transportation (TSPLOST) projects referendum was handily defeated last year by voters in the 10-county Atlanta Regional Commission area.

But because the vote failed, it triggered a penalty provision in the law that requires an increase in the local share for transportation projects that also receive state dollars.

The Fayette County Commission on March 15 voted unanimously to support having the penalty rescinded by the state legislature. Read More»

Commission thanks Master Gardeners

Commission thanks Master Gardeners

Fayette County Extension Service representative Kim Jackson provided comments on Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Appreciation Day at the March 14 meeting of the Fayette County Commission. Picture, from left, are commissioners Charles Oddo, David Barlow, Randy Ognio, Steve Brown and Allen McCarty. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Coweta DFCS receives approval for alternate emergency site

The Coweta County Dept. of Family and Children Services (DFCS) got approval last week from the Coweta County Commission to establish an alternate facility at the Coweta County Fairgrounds and Conference Center in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.

Commissioners by a unanimous vote agreed to the DFCS request after receiving a recommendation from county staff. The approval noted that the use of the fairgrounds would come if the local DFCS facility is rendered unusable by an emergency or natural disaster. The agreement covers calendar years 2013 and 2014. Read More»

Commission to vote on Phase 2 of bypass all 5 have opposed

The 2013 Fayette County Commission. (L-R) David Barlow, Steve Brown, Randy Ognio, Charles Oddo and Allen McCarty. Photo/Ben Nelms.

An effort to stop the second phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass in its tracks is not possible because terminating construction contracts would leave the county susceptible to lawsuits, according to Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown.

In a memo to his fellow commissioners, all of whom have opposed the bypass, Brown notes that the majority of the work on the remainder of the second phase — from Eastin Road to Ga. Highway 92 — is complete. Read More»

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