Report: Operators’ errors caused Fayette’s water problems

Several errors by workers at Fayette County’s two water treatment plants resulted in high manganese readings that led to the shutdown of both plants within days of each other, according to a report filed last week by the county’s special consulting engineer. Read More»

Fayette may lower golf cart driving age to match PTC rules

Attorney asked to look into change to allow students to drive carts to Starr’s Mill High School

Fayette County will formally explore the possibility of lowering the de facto age limit for driving golf carts outside city limits to match the range currently allowed by Peachtree City.

Thursday night, the County Commission authorized its attorney to look into the changes and bring a recommended ordinance change back to the commission for consideration at a future date.

One of the reasons cited for the change is to allow younger drivers with a learner’s permit to drive themselves to school at the Starr’s Mill High School complex, much like their counterparts at McIntosh High School. Read More»

Fayette gets miles out of teleworking staffers

To help save the environment and also employee commute times and costs, Fayette County government has started a pilot telecommuting program.

So far, the county has found the cost of equipment and support infrastructure for teleworking to be minimal.

Furthermore, County Commissioner David Barlow noted that the Clean Air Campaign has helped make the transition painless “with documentation and expert training, at no cost to the taxpayers.”

There are also thoughts down the road of how teleworking can pay off for the county in the event of a disaster or inclement weather. Read More»

Fayette’s ‘water’ gate problem: operator errors with intake, tests led to both plants’ shutdown

Photo from early June 2013 shows part of the Crosstown Water Treatment Plant in Peachtree City. Photo/John Munford.

Problems with high manganese levels that shut down both of Fayette County’s water treatment plants in the same week have been attributed to several operator errors, according to a report from the consulting engineer who helped fix the problem.

The Aug. 5 shutdown of the South Fayette plant was attributed to inaccurate readings of raw water testing and use of an incorrect intake gate on Lake Horton, according to consulting engineer Dr. Stuart Jeffcoat of CH2M Hill, who diagnosed the problems and allowed both plants to re-open. Read More»

Commissioner Barlow defends embattled water system chief

Fayette County Commissioner David Barlow in a file photo.

Even as a new report of water system errors was published this week, Fayette County Commissioner David Barlow gave a vigorous defense Aug. 15 of county Water System Director Tony Parrott.

Barlow, speaking from prepared remarks at the end of the commission’s meeting, said he too has “come under vicious attacks.” Read More»

Drive golf carts to Starr’s Mill H.S.? Tell commission Thurs.

County may change cart restrictions to allow more young drivers outside PTC

Fayette County officials may soon consider a change to its restrictions on golf cart drivers, with the idea of allowing students to drive golf carts to the campus of Starr’s Mill High School.

In Peachtree City, students can drive a golf cart on their own if they have a learner’s permit. But in the unincorporated county, students can only drive a cart if they have a full-fledged driver’s license, county officials said. Read More»

Commissioner McCarty wants to permit chicken keeping

Fayette County Commissioner Allen McCarty wants to change the county’s zoning ordinances to allow citizens to raise up to a dozen female chickens in all zoning districts, except for subdivisions in which such is prevented by neighborhood associations.

The matter will be discussed at Thursday night’s commission meeting, which starts at the county’s Stonewall government complex in Fayetteville at 7 p.m.

Currently county ordinances only allow chickens to be raised in a district zoned for agricultural-residential use, which requires a minimum lot size of five acres. Read More»

Judge to seek legislators’ redistricting experts for map

NAACP President suggests county ‘conspiracy’ to discriminate against black residents by ignoring pleas for district voting Read More»

South Fayette water plant back online; manganese problem fixed

The South Fayette Water Treatment Plant is now producing water again, according to an email update from Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown, and environmental regulators report the water is meeting state guidelines and is thus "safe to drink." Read More»

New Coweta chief says top goals are quality of life, rural preservation

Coweta County Administrator Michael Fouts. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Coweta County Administrator Michael Fouts is about one month into his new job position with county government. Assuming the new job after the retirement of long-time administrator Theron Gay, Fouts shared his outlook on the job, the county and the future.

It was on July 1 that Fouts, 33, began his service as Coweta County administrator with the retirement of Theron Gay. Fouts was an integral part of the succession planning put in place a few years ago in anticipation of Gay’s retirement. Read More»

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