Planners to vote on TDK plant expansion

A proposal to add a 40,000 square foot expansion to TDK’s facility on TDK Boulevard near Ga. Highway 74 South will be considered by the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday night.

The expansion will allow the company to consolidate its warehouse and shipping activities, TDK representatives have said.

The conceptual site plan for the existing TDK facility shows the proposed addition of approximately 40,000 square feet that will be similar in design to the existing structure, city Planning and Zoning Administrator David Rast has said. Read More»

PTC saving on roof work, but bubble cost to rise

Peachtree City will be saving a significant amount of money using a new process to repair the roofs of two buildings instead of replacing them. Read More»

PTC to add two new staffers

Peachtree City has hired two additional employees, although one of the new positions will expire after a year.

A 30-hour a week intern has been brought on for the city’s planning department to help reduce a backlog of matters that must be dealt with, city officials said. That intern is being hired on a 1-year contract, and the total cost including salary and benefits is $29,571. Read More»

PTC sewer board nixes raises

The 26 employees of Peachtree City’s sewer system will not see any cost of living or merit increases this year.

That’s because the city Water and Sewer Authority voted unanimously to ditch the increases for the 2011-2012 budget year. That move will save $56,623.

The vote came at the end of a protracted discussion about one authority member’s calculations of the year-to-year increase in employee benefits. Read More»

PTC eyes OK of $6 million loan for bubble, repairs, loan re-fi

To fund necessary repairs and upgrades at city-owned facilities and finance two existing loans, the Peachtree City Council is expected to sign off on a revenue bond for up to $6 million at its regular meeting Thursday night.

The bond will include $3 million in improvements and the refinancing of two loans totaling $6 million. The loan refinancing will save the city a projected $148,000, officials said.

The city will be on the hook for repaying the bonds, with the debt service for the bonds and refinancing estimated to cost $634,000 a year over a 10-year period. Read More»

F’ville Chief Heaton presses council to lower speed limits

The Fayetteville City Council sets its sights on lowering the speed limits on two major thoroughfares at its meeting this Thursday.

The Council on Sept. 15 heard a proposal that would reduce the speed limit on Beauregard Boulevard and South Jeff Davis Drive and to continue the expanded school zone along Grady Avenue.

The part of the proposal pertaining to South Jeff Davis led to a request by Councilman Al Hovey-King to see the details on which the recommendation was based. Read More»

PTC Council to examine private street takeover

The Peachtree City Council will hold a workshop meeting Tuesday night to discuss the possibility of the city assuming control of privately-owned streets in several subdivisions.

The meeting will be at City Hall at 6:30 p.m. The discussion will include the current specifications of existing private streets, the city’s street specifications and the potential ramification of the city assuming their control, particularly as it would affect residents through homeowners associations. Read More»

New PTC Dunkin' Donuts wants color change

The Peachtree City Planning Commission at its Sept. 22 meeting gave the go-ahead to a discussion that could lead to a new Dunkin’ Donuts store at the Wisdom Road Convenience Center located at Ga. Highway 74 and Wisdom Road provided the applicant is okay with toning down expectations about the look of the exterior of the vacant storefront situated adjacent to the Shell FoodMart. Read More»

Kedron bubble replacement starts with new anchors

Kedron bubble replacement starts with new anchors

A crew began excavating concrete at the Kedron pools last week so a new anchoring system can be installed for the bubble exterior that allows the pools to be used in colder weather. The entire project will cost about $454,000, which includes a new bubble and a new air return system. The project is roughly $204,000 more than initially expected, but part of that is because the city hadn't planned on replacing the underground anchoring system at a cost of $96,000. The bubble is scheduled to be in place no later than Nov. 1. Photo/John Munford.

Retail subdivision proposal approved for 54 West

The years-long battle over the fate of a potential retail venue along Ga. Highway 54 West adjacent to the Planterra Ridge subdivision in Peachtree City came to a partial end Sept. 22 when Peachtree City Planning Commission members voted unanimously to approve a concept plat for the 69,000 square-foot McIntosh Village retail subdivision that will lead to the 14.3-acre tract being subdivided into a number of separate lots to be sold individually for development. Read More»