PTC may cut amphitheater staff, will decide on leasing some city vehicles

With the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater operating in the red after its second year of one-night-only performances in the summer concert series, Peachtree City Manager Jim Pennington is recommending the elimination of a position there.

The move would eliminate the “events services coordinator” position and replace it with a part-time box office supervisor who would work from March through October. The Peachtree City Council will vote on the recommendation at its meeting Thursday night. Read More»

Residency issues surface for Palmetto councilman

Questions have arisen about Palmetto City Councilman Leon Sumlin’s place of residence in the city and whether he currently resides in Palmetto. Another question involves the homestead exemption filed with Fulton County on a home where he might not live. The questions surfaced last week as Sumlin is running for re-election in November. Sumlin responded to the allegations, indicating that his primary residence is in Palmetto and that he will pay the penalties related to any inaccuracy found to exist with homestead exemption filing. Read More»

Food bank starting up in PTC industrial park

Midwest Food Bank, a faith-based agency which collects food donations from companies and distributes it to local non-profits and disaster sites at no charge, is coming to Peachtree City.

Midwest has purchased a warehouse on Parkade Court in the city’s industrial park. The operation is ramping up to have its first monthly food distribution on Tuesday, Oct. 25. Read More»

TDK expansion approved, warehouse and shipping space to be added

It didn’t take long Monday evening for Peachtree City’s planning commission to sign off on a plan allowing TDK to build a 36,823 square foot addition for extra warehouse and shipping space.

The company will use similar exterior materials to match the existing exterior, and no additional parking will be necessary for the site.

TDK will build a new service and loading area off the existing service drive to provide access to the building from the rear. Read More»

Hamlets and neighborhoods planned as Fayetteville's westward extension

Hamlets and neighborhoods planned as Fayetteville's westward extension

Plan’s depiction of the West Fayetteville Neighborhoods with Piedmont Fayette Hospital on the southern boundary of the proposed development. Ga. Highway 54 runs left to right along the bottom, while the Veterans Parkway (West Fayetteville Bypass) bisects the area beginning at the southwest corner and heading north. To read about this proposed new development in the center of Fayette County, click here. Graphic/Fayette County Development Authority.

Meet the West Fayetteville Neighborhoods

Artist's rendering of the West Fayetteville Neighborhood immediately to the west of the Piedmont Fayette Hospital, shown at extreme right. Graphic/Fayette County Development Authority.

Fayette Development Authority, F’ville map long-term plan to annex, develop 2,000 acres in mid-county

Picture a miniature version of a planned city like Peachtree City astride the new and controversial West Fayetteville Bypass in the middle of Fayette County.

Picture a thousand acres comprising six residential hamlets and neighborhoods, including parks and commercial areas in the rolling land around three sides of the Piedmont Fayette Hospital. Read More»

F’ville drops speed limit to 40 mph on S. Jeff Davis, 35 mph on Beauregard Ave.

Drivers, slow down on two Fayetteville thoroughfares.

A proposal last month to decrease the speed limit along South Jeff Davis Drive in Fayetteville by 10 miles per hour ended Oct. 6 with a vote by the City Council to reduce the speed limit by 5 mph and review the matter again in six months.

The Fayetteville City Council on Sept. 15 heard a proposal that would reduce the speed limit on Beauregard Avenue and South Jeff Davis Drive from 45 mph to 35 mph and to continue the expanded school zone along Grady Avenue. The proposal was made by Police Chief Steve Heaton. Read More»

$400,000 crosswalk, path system for F’ville

It may take some time before the funds are released, but in the end there will be a new pedestrian-friendly look to the area around Piedmont Fayette Hospital and beyond.

The Fayetteville City Council on Oct. 6 approved a memorandum of understanding for a $400,000 project that will install an enhanced crosswalk on Ga. Highway 54 at the hospital and 8,500 feet of multi-use paths extending through the Togwotee Village Read More»

PTC residents share ‘private street’ plight

City won’t consider maintaining them unless all right-of-way is donated

More than two dozen subdivisions and condominiums in Peachtree City were built without the streets being dedicated to the city, leaving homeowners on the hook for street improvements and repaving.

At a City Council workshop Tuesday night, it was explained that the “private street” approach was adopted by developers to either avoid the expense of building the streets to city specifications and/or to allow more units in the subdivision. Read More»

PTC to sell $6M bonds for repairs, refinancing

To fund necessary repairs and upgrades at city owned facilities and re-finance two existing loans, the Peachtree City Council Thursday night approved the sale of $6 million in revenue bonds.

The bond issue will cover $3 million in improvements and the refinancing of two existing loans.

The city got an outstanding interest rate of 2.16 percent, thanks to the city’s excellent credit rating, officials said. And when paired with the payoff of another bond series earlier this year, the net increase on debt service is only $165,000 a year, according to Finance Director Paul Salvatore. Read More»

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