Audit shows F’ville holding its own

Auditors on Feb. 2 will tell the Fayetteville City Council that the General Fund budget for FY 2011 that ended July 31 shows revenues slightly ahead of expenses. Fayetteville in 2007 anticipated the recession and economic downturn and began making adjustments to personnel and other expenditure area to offset falling revenues.

The Fayetteville General Fund budget accounts for the majority of revenues received and funds expended in the operations of the city, including administration, judicial activities, public safety, public works, housing and development and debt service. Read More»

PTC Council to review repair bids for stormwater pond

Bids to repair a stormwater drainage pond near Robinson and Ebenezer roads will be considered by the Peachtree City Council Thursday night.

The project involves repairing the concrete headwall, which is detached from the outlet pipe and the scour hole at the “toe” of the dam, according to a memo from City Engineer David Borkowski.

The low bidder on the project was Massana Construction from Tyrone at $69,000. The next highest bidder was Crawford Grading and Pipeline at $75,000. Read More»

F’ville Council expected to approve false alarm ordinance, institute fines

It looks as if Fayetteville will get an ordinance aimed at reducing the number of false alarm calls. The City Council on Thursday will hear the second reading of the proposed ordinance and will likely adopt it. The measure also looks to reduce law enforcement costs associated with answering the false alarms since they constituted 80 percent of all alarm calls in 2011. Read More»

F’ville campaign reports: Candidates say they spent $32K

Some candidates’ disclosures seem to confuse expenses, donations

The final state-required campaign disclosure records for the 2011 Fayetteville municipal elections have been filed by the candidates. Read More»

The wait for the bubble is nearly over

The wait for the bubble is nearly over

The brand-new bubble is up over the Kedron Fieldhouse pools, but it won’t likely be ready for business until Feb. 1 or shortly thereafter, Peachtree City officials have said. The structure is a sight for sore eyes for residents who have missed the chance to swim indoors this winter, including Fayette County’s high school swim teams. Photo/John Munford.

Council OKs 9 new PTC cop cars at $49K each

Outfitting a police car doesn’t come cheap.

Peachtree City will spend $205,000 to outfit its nine new patrol cars with the necessary accoutrements ranging from the emergency lights to customized consoles and laptop mounts. Read More»

Senoia to expand city cemetery

It was a unanimous vote by the Senoia City Council Jan. 23 to approve expansion plans for the city cemetery on Stallings Road. The expansion project will add more than 1,000 grave sites to the existing cemetery. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The limited number of grave sites available at the Senoia Cemetery on Stallings Road will soon be a thing of the past.

The Senoia City Council at the Jan. 23 meeting unanimously approved the development of an additional 2.5 acres to provide more than 1,000 new grave sites. The cost of development will be recouped through the sale of the grave sites.

City Administrator Richard Ferry in making the request said the cemetery currently has about 20 grave site left. Developing an additional 2.5 acres would add another 1,020 sites to the Stallings Road cemetery, Ferry said. Read More»

Senoia to hold retreat in late Feb.

The Senoia City Council will hold its 2012 retreat in late February. The two-day retreat will be open to the public and will be held in north Georgia at the Dillard House in Dillard. The meetings will cover new and existing ordinances, long-term plans for water usage, the structure of city government, parks and economic development.

Mayor Robert Belisle in stating a reason for the retreat to be held out of town said previously that having done so on a previous occasion had resulted in the council producing a substantial amount of work that had been beneficial to the city. Read More»

PTC approves tree removal, gas contracts

If a storm comes and a big tree falls across a cart path in Peachtree City, it doesn’t matter if someone hears it or not.

What matters is getting that tree out of the way, and that’s why the city budgets $45,000 each year for contracted tree removal.

At last week’s city council meeting, the Peachtree City Council approved a contract for tree removal with Valley Crest at a rate of $49 an hour.

Valley Crest undercut the second-lowest bidder, White Meadows Tree Service, by $1, while the other seven bidders ranged from $55.50 an hour to $166.66 an hour. Read More»

PTC picks on-call architect

With $3 million set aside for necessary improvement projects at existing city facilities, Peachtree City has selected an “on-call” architectural firm to provide such services as needed.

Based on a recommendation from city staff, the City Council awarded a contract to Pond and Company since it was the highest-scoring proposal out of the top five proposals submitted.

By using an on-call architect, it will save a considerable amount of time, since the city will not have to issue requests for proposals for each individual project, according to City Manager Jim Pennington. Read More»

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