Senoia adopts 2012 budget

The Senoia City Council on Dec. 19 adopted the 2012 General Fund budget totaling $2.3 million. The budget represents an increase of nearly $200,000 over 2011 but is also nearly $60,000 less than the projected costs through the completion of the fiscal year that ends Dec. 31. Read More»

F’ville City Manager Morton looks back at 2011, ahead into 2012

Fayetteville City Manager Joe Morton. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Fayetteville City Manager Joe Morton sat down last week for a non-political look back at 2011 and a look ahead at 2012. The look back included a large variety of issues such as transportation, current economic impacts, future concepts and city government functions. The look ahead to 2012 included issues such as transportation, sales taxes and economic development.

The past year has been a busy one in Fayetteville. Perhaps as visible as any change during the year was the February opening of the Olde Courthouse Tavern downtown across from the old courthouse.
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Rehwaldt delivers final address in Tyrone

Tyrone Municipal Court Judge Sharon Pierce (back to camera) administered the oath of office Thursday night to (L-R) incoming Councilman Ryan Housley, Councilwoman Linda Howard and Mayor Eric Dial. Photo/Ben Nelms.

For Tyrone Mayor Don Rehwaldt it one was of his last official acts. Rehwaldt delivered is annual State-of-Tyrone address Thursday night at the last Town Council meeting of the year.

As customary, the address centered on the financial status and general condition of the town during 2011 and included remarks about the future. But the address also began with a twist. Read More»

Peachtree City faces federal lawsuit over stormwater retention pond

A Peachtree City couple is suing the city in federal court, hoping to force the city to remove the dam to what is, in effect, a stormwater detention pond.

John and Lee Mrosek own part of the property that the Bradford Estates pond is located on, but they contend that the city has accepted an easement for the facility “and is responsible for all maintenance.”

The couple is accusing the city of violating Clean Water Act standards, which is why the suit is in federal court. The Mroseks want the city to fully clean up the stream and pond and also remove the dam. Read More»

Looking ahead to PTC’s West Village

When the home-building economy comes roaring back, there will be a little more raw land in Peachtree City available for residential development. That’s because a 2007 annexation of 783 acres north of MacDuff Parkway Read More»

PTC names 2 ‘rec’ roads, will help visibility for visitors

Peachtree City has officially named the access drives leading to Peachtree City’s Meade Field and Kedron Fieldhouse/Pool recreation centers.

Doing so will help improve visibility for visitors to both amenities.

In the case of Meade Field, the new alignment of Rockaway Road in south Peachtree City left part of the old Rockaway Road as an access driveway to the softball and soccer complex. The road also provides access to the city’s recycling center.

That road was renamed “Meade Field Drive.” Read More»

Variance will allow covered porch that encroaches rear setback

A Peachtree City couple will be able to add a covered porch on top of their existing deck thanks to a variance approved by the city council last week.

The variance for Michael and Donna Regan will allow the porch to be built on top of an existing deck, which will result in a 7.6 foot encroachment into the required 30-foot rear building setback.

The home is in the Fishers Bank subdivision, and one of the swaying factors was that Mrs. Regan would not be able to enjoy the outdoors without the screened porch due to her allergy to bee and wasp stings. Read More»

PTC Planners to consider 54W RaceTrac Monday

Company removes red stripe from canopy at commission’s request

In its bid to win approval for a new convenience store/gas station on Ga. Highway 54 West in Peachtree City, RaceTrac has removed a red stripe that was initially proposed for the canopy over the gas pumps. The change was one of several recommended by the city’s planning commission and subsequently adopted by RaceTrac. Read More»

Senoia reviews $2.3M budget

The Senoia City Council on Dec. 5 heard the first reading of the 2012 General Fund budget proposed to total $2.3 million. The proposed budget represents an increase of nearly $200,000 over 2011 but is also nearly $60,000 less than the projected costs through the completion of the fiscal year that ends Dec. 31. The budget is expected to be adopted on Dec. 19. Read More»

F’ville senior apartments on indefinite hold

Prospects have dimmed for the Lafayette Senior Village development on Lafayette Avenue and Ga. Highway 54 West in Fayetteville that was approved by the Fayetteville City Council in June.

The development has been put on hold after the project was not selected in the current round of funding. The senior residential living project was a federal tax credit-funded arrangement routed through the Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs (DCA) Read More»

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