PTC stays on track with tech review

The $32,000 spent on a technology assessment for Peachtree City departments was money well-spent in terms of divining a “way forward” for the city computer-wise, says the City Council.

VC3 brought a team of 15 on-site technicians to evaluate the city’s existing information technology infrastructure. Read More»

PTC needs votes in online contest

A move is afoot to have Peachtree City honored as “America’s Most Interesting Town.”

An online contest is underway thanks to Reader’s Digest magazine, and there are 11 different categories to choose from. Read More»

PTC Police offer teen programs

Applicants are being sought for two youth programs hosted this summer by the Peachtree City Police Department: the Junior Police Academy and the Teen Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).

The Teen CERT will meet from June 4 through June 8 each day from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The program teaches young adults about disaster preparedness for hazards that may strike their community. Topics include disaster response, fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization and disaster medical operations. Read More»

New F’ville RaceTrac may want to come into city for sewer

It turns out that the recently opened RaceTrac gas station and convenience store on Ga. Highway 85 South at Ramah Road is looking to be annexed into Fayetteville. The reason is due to problems with the septic system and the request to hook up the to city’s sewer system as an alternative.

The idea of potential annexation came up March 9 as a brief topic at the annual retreat of the Fayetteville City Council.

The issue does not involve a failure of the system but rather the emanation of odors from the septic system area. The issues with the system are currently being explored. Read More»

F'ville ready to rezone for water filter business

The Fayetteville City Council last week heard the first reading of a rezoning request on property at the North 85 Business Park that would allow Hawaii-based Oxen, Inc., to assemble its new residential water filtration system. Read More»

Fayetteville: Not much growth expected in next 5 years

A projection of Fayetteville’s revenues over the next several years shows that the lingering effects of the recession are far from over. An economic projection covering the next five years was a topic of the recent Fayetteville City Council retreat and included little revenue growth through 2017. Read More»

F’ville false alarm penalty ordinance goes into effect April 1st

An ordinance recently adopted by the Fayetteville City Council and aimed at reducing the number of false alarm calls in the city will become effective on April 1. The new ordinance will include a 30-day grace period during which warnings but no citations will be issued.

Police Chief Steve Heaton had noted in previous meetings that false alarms unnecessarily utilize personnel and fuel to respond to verify whether or not an alarm is legitimate. The downturn in the economy has added to the need to reduce fuel costs and maximize personnel resources, Heaton said. Read More»

PTC to spruce up Hwy. 74S sound walls

The large concrete “sound walls” along Ga. Highway 74 south will be gussied up with landscaping in coming weeks.

The three sections of the sound buffering devices were erected by the Georgia Department of Transportation in conjunction with widening Hwy. 74 from two to six lanes in that area.

But the concrete walls lacked that Peachtree City panache, which is why the city pursued and won a $50,000 grant to pay for the landscaping, which will include evergreen, flowering and deciduous vines, according to City Planner David Rast. Read More»

PTC postpones North Peachtree Parkway traffic calming decision

With little discussion, the Peachtree City Council tabled a decision Thursday on potential traffic calming measures for the intersections of Tinsley Mill and Loring Lane roads on Peachtree Parkway.

Councilman Eric Imker asked city staff if the turn lanes were warranted for the intersections, and City Engineer David Borkowski said they were.

The matter was pushed off to the April 5 council meeting, as a decision is expected soon due to the impending resurfacing of north Peachtree Parkway from Ga. Highway 54 to Ga. Highway 74. Read More»

PTC shifts $110K to street resurfacing

Robinson-Redwine project cancelled for now

Cancellation of an intersection improvement project at Robinson and Redwine roads will give Peachtree City another $110,000 for street resurfacing projects this fiscal year.

The Peachtree City Council voted unanimously Thursday night to cancel the project and shift the funds to the city’s resurfacing projects. Read More»

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