Bad news for Fayette taxers: Digest devalued 10%

The news could hardly be worse for the tax levying entities in Fayette County. Figures from the Fayette County Tax Assessor’s Office show a 10.39 percent decrease in the value of real property for the 2012 tax digest. That translates into a drop of nearly $500 million in property value — mostly the same property but worth a lot less.

That means fewer tax dollars can be collected at current tax rates. Read More»

F’ville to relax sign rules, decide board appointments

The Fayetteville City Council is set to cover a host of issues at the April 5 meeting. Among those are a rezoning request for a small manufacturing plant, a new version of the sign ordinance and appointments to the city’s various boards.

The council will also hear the first reading of the revised sign ordinance. The revision came after a previous request from the mayor and council. The lengthy ordinance contains provisions for both ground and wall signage and specifies issues such as the amount of square footage and the number of signs allowed. Read More»

PTC eyes traffic ‘calming’ for North Peachtree Parkway

Staff recommending $235K fix for tennis center roof, AC

The Peachtree City Council is expected to decide Thursday on what traffic calming improvements, if any, will be pursued for two intersections on Peachtree Parkway: at Tinsley Mill and Loring Lane.

The matter has taken on some urgency because of the pending repaving project that will be going out to bid for the entire north section of Peachtree Parkway stretching from Ga. HIghway 54 to Ga. Highway 74. Read More»

Crying ‘wolf’ in F’ville will cost you as false alarm penalties go into effect

The Fayetteville Police Department’s new False Alarm Reduction Program began April 1 and registration will continue through May 1. The department wants to alert alarm system users about the registration to make it a seamless process.

Maj. Kevin Gooding said the False Alarm Program will track the locations of false alarms and fine those alarm users who allow repeated false alarms to occur at their home, business, or office. Read More»

Renovated Gathering Place set to re-open

The renovations at The Gathering Place senior citizens center were expected to be completed this past weekend, with Fayette Senior Services moving its equipment back in Monday (April 2), city officials said. Read More»

Senoia lets non-profits serve alcohol six times a year

The Senoia City Council at the March 19 meeting heard the second reading and approved a measure designed to help non-profit civic organizations trying to add to their fundraising coffers. The unanimous vote gives the non-profits up to six times each year to serve alcoholic beverages.

Prior to the amendment the city’s Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance stipulated that non-profits could sell alcohol at events two times per year. The ordinance change raised that number to six times per year. The ordinance change came after a previous request from local non-profits. Read More»

F’ville moves forward on hospital crosswalks

The Fayetteville hospital crosswalk and paths project slated for Ga. Highway 54 in front of Piedmont Fayette Hospital and including up to 8,500 feet of multi-use paths extending Read More»

Robot sewer inspectors to start April 9

In several weeks, camera-armed robots will begin methodically working their way through Peachtree City sewer pipes, providing video evidence of each pipe’s status.

Starting April 9, crews are expected to be in the field seven days a week deploying the robots, which will be lowered underground and anchored by tether to a manhole cover. Citizens should expect to see the crews out from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and sometimes a bit earlier or later depending on the situation, officials said. Read More»

PTC stays on track with tech review

The $32,000 spent on a technology assessment for Peachtree City departments was money well-spent in terms of divining a “way forward” for the city computer-wise, says the City Council.

VC3 brought a team of 15 on-site technicians to evaluate the city’s existing information technology infrastructure. Read More»

PTC needs votes in online contest

A move is afoot to have Peachtree City honored as “America’s Most Interesting Town.”

An online contest is underway thanks to Reader’s Digest magazine, and there are 11 different categories to choose from. Read More»

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