F’ville staff recommend selling city water system to Fayette

The Fayetteville City Council on May 17 will take a look at the possible sale of the city’s water system to Fayette County. The idea for the potential sale came out of the council’s March retreat and is financially-driven. Read More»

Mayor Haddix’s libel legal bill paid for by PTC taxpayers

Peachtree City taxpayers have paid nearly $10,000 in legal fees incurred by Mayor Don Haddix last year when he was sued for writing in an email to a city employee that former Mayor Harold Logsdon “drank a lot and came to meetings part drunk.”

Logsdon filed the suit last May against Haddix personally and not in Haddix’s official capacity as mayor. A settlement was reached in December as Haddix issued an apology. Read More»

PTC hikes rec participant fees

Expected to raise $124K for additional facility maintenance

To help offset facility maintenance costs, Peachtree City has enacted a significant increase to its the per-participant charge to youth and adult sports associations.

That means that for each season, sports associations will pay the city a $15 fee for each city resident signed up to play, a $25 fee for each county resident signed up to play, and a $50 fee for each out of county resident signed up to play.

The fees were previously set at $5 for city residents, $10 for county residents and $25 for each out of county resident. Read More»

Tyrone responds to residents’ suit over gun shop

A recent suit brought by eight Southampton subdivision residents and one business owner in the adjacent Southampton Village shopping center has received a response from Tyrone over a rezoning that allowed a proposed gun shop and indoor shooting range to locate in the retail center.

In the response town attorney Dennis Davenport included three defense statements. The first noted that the residents in their filing failed to state a claim upon which relief may be granted. Read More»

PTC OK’s changes at City Hall, will create budget savings

To save money, Peachtree City is leaving its administrative services director position vacant and also eliminating a full-time customer service representative at City Hall.

The latter will be replaced by two part-time employees working the front desk at City Hall. The result of that move is a savings of $19,415, according to city staff estimates. Read More»

PTC may double stormwater fees

Peachtree City officials are talking about the potential for doubling annual stormwater fees to handle some $8.2 million in future capital projects. That means residential property owners would be paying between $63 and $142 a year, up from the current range of $32 to $72. Read More»

F’ville, Fayette eye partial consolidation of services

Preliminary talks underway to see if county might take over city firefighting, water service, inspections Read More»

F’ville Council gives unanimous support to senior apartments

The project approved by the Fayetteville City Council last year that would establish a tax-credit-funded senior residential development in Fayetteville received a unanimous vote by council members May 6 in the form of a show of support for the project’s selection later this year.

If selected, the development would feature more than 180 senior apartments at The Villages development on Ga. Highway 54 a few blocks west of the courthouse square. Read More»

PTC manager backpedals on police captain cuts

Capt.Rosanna Dove of the Peachtree City Police Department speaks May 3 to the City Council. Photo/John Munford.

City Manager Jim Pennington Thursday night backpedaled from his initial suggestion to eliminate three of four captain’s positions at the Peachtree City Police Department.

Pennington said that recommendation was subject to change and that city staff worked very closely with Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark on the matter.

“The recommendations that we put forward may not be the proper recommendations,” Pennington said. “There may be some other alternatives.” Read More»

Voters to decide F’ville economic development initiative

An initiative that will place an economic redevelopment measure on the November ballot received unanimous approval April 19 from the Fayetteville City Council. The city is expected to begin an educational process for residents this summer to make the case that the initiative, the State Redevelopment Law Powers referendum, identifies specific commercial areas within the city for redevelopment and does not represent a new tax. Read More»