UPDATED — Spillway problems delay Lake Peachtree refill

Flat Creek meanders through what was Lake Peachtree in a photo taken in early March. Photo/Ben Nelms.

UPDATED for print April 5 — The refilling of Lake Peachtree has been delayed due to problems with the spillway that will require repairs, city officials said last week.

The lake was lowered in January to allow property owners on the shoreline to maintain their shoreline and docks. The plan was to have the lake refilled in March.

But a recent safety inspection on the spillway showed that repairs are necessary, and it will take about three weeks for tests to be conducted to determine how best to repair the problem, officials said. Read More»

Developers ready to extend MacDuff Parkway

Wieland says 204-home rezoning necessary to allow funding for road extension to Hwy. 74

Completion of the MacDuff Parkway extension may be coming sooner than anyone might have thought.

Two weeks ago, John Wieland Homes officials announced they were ready to proceed with construction as soon as their partner in the project, Brent Scarborough, was ready. That moment may just be materializing now, as Wieland representative Dan Fields announced Thursday that Scarborough has inked a deal with a developer for an assisted living project. Read More»

PTC wants input on entrance sign replacements

As Peachtree City has gotten older, some subdivision entry signs have started to show their age. Read More»

Assisted living facility pitched for east PTC

A 52-unit assisted living facility is being proposed for a 4.7-acre lot off Walt Banks Road and Ga. Highway 54 in Peachtree City at the Lexington Circle commercial development.

That’s the area just east of McIntosh High School and Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

Because such a development is considered a multifamily project under the city’s zoning ordinance, the city council has been asked to lift the city’s moratorium on multi-family housing. Read More»

210 luxury concierge apartments for F’ville?

Miles Hill, founder of The Charter Companies, appearing before the City Council. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The evolution of Fayetteville began last year with the initial construction of Pinewood Atlanta Studios and continued early this year with the first dozen vendor companies locating here to support the film industry. Now an initial proposal presented to the Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission March 25 would add luxury apartments to the equation along Ga. Highway 54 in The Villages development. Read More»

Vote postponed on 204-home West Village rezoning

Developer withdraws plan for smaller 34-home subdivision on school site

A planned vote on a 204-home rezoning off MacDuff Parkway was postponed Monday by the Peachtree City Planning Commission because of a problem with the sign on the parcel that advertised the meeting.

Also Monday it was announced that the same developer, John Wieland Homes, has withdrawn a smaller 34-home rezoning proposed for a nearby 17-acre tract that was originally set aside for an elementary school that was never built. Read More»

F’ville ditches permits for movie sets

A zoning amendment adopted March 20 by the Fayetteville City Council will enable movie and television crews to set up temporary set designs and backdrops used in filming without having to obtain a building permit. Read More»

PTC planners seek input on MacDuff Parkway rezoning

A rezoning request to allow 238 homes on 104 acres in Wilksmoor Village will be voted on Monday night by the Peachtree City Planning Commission.

The two parcels are located off MacDuff Parkway, including a 17-acre site that was previously set aside for a new elementary school that never came to fruition and an 87-acre tract that is zoned for industrial use and borders the CSX railroad. Read More»

Honoring Confederate fallen soldiers

Honoring Confederate fallen soldiers

Peachtree City Mayor Vanessa Fleisch presented a proclamation to the local Sons of Confederate Veterans group Thursday night to commemorate the upcoming Confederate Memorial Day. Accepting the proclamation is SCV member Glenn Allen (R). Photo/John Munford.

F’ville Police seek national re-accreditation

On Sunday, March 30, 2014, a team of assessors from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) will arrive in Fayetteville for an on-site assessment as part of a program to achieve national accreditation.

The assessors will examine all aspects of the Fayetteville Police Department and will focus on areas such as policies and procedures, administration, operations and support services. The assessment is conducted to verify the department’s compliance with accreditation standards. Read More»

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