Board of Education

Fayette teachers get 2-day pay bump

Fayette County School Superintendent Joseph Barrow. File photo from August 2013.

BoE restores $1.2 million to 2,200 employees; Sup’t. Barrow tells board system is ‘out of the fiscal hole’ Read More»

New school calendar coming in Dec.

The Fayette County school calendar for the 2014-2015 school year is still a work in progress. With more than 1,000 suggestions on the two draft calendars, the Fayette County Board of Education Monday night agreed to have school system staff take those suggestions and re-work the calendar.

Superintendent Jody Barrow said the school system had received more than 1,000 responses and suggestions on the two draft calendars. Barrow recommended that staff work on the calendars to combine the best features of both and bring a proposal back to the school board in December. Read More»

Fayette BoE votes 3-to-1 in favor of F’ville’s TAD

The Fayette County Commission last week gave its support to the Fayetteville Tax Allocation District (TAD) redevelopment initiative. The Fayette County Board of Education did the same Monday night on a 3-1 vote.

Board members Barry Marchman, Leonard Presberg and Mary Kay Bacallao voted in favor and board member Bob Todd opposed. Chairman Marion Key was absent.

Todd said supporting the measure would be synonymous with using school system tax revenue for capital improvements of private property. Read More»

You choose: Start school on Aug. 4 or a week later

Do you have a child in one of Fayette County’s public schools? Or are you an employee of the school system? If so, and if you have an opinion on the 2014-2015 school calendar, the Fayette County Board of Education would like to hear your ideas on the two calendars up for consideration.

School system spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said key features of the calendars include no furlough days for employees, a fall break in October, end of first semester by the holiday break and school attendance days within the state assessment window. Read More»

The afterlife of a ‘closed’ Fayette Middle School

Fayette Middle School (FMS) was one of four schools closed by the Fayette County Board of Education at the end of June. But the school today is being used for three school system programs and other uses. For the time being, based on information provided by the school system, there does not appear to be any additional expense by having FMS operational. Read More»

$23M expansion at East Coweta includes major renovation work

Construction crews are working non-stop on the large project that will transform East Coweta High School. Scheduled for completion in July 2015, the $23 million project will enable the school to serve 3,400 students. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The $23 million expansion of East Coweta High School got underway during the summer and is expected to be completed in July 2015. Once completed, the project that includes the entire campus will add or renovate nearly 310,000 square feet of space and will accommodate 3,400 students.

It is a renovation, modification and expansion project that involves the entire East Coweta High School campus, said school system spokesman Dean Jackson. Read More»

Fayette teachers’ pay to be restored?

Superintendent Jody Barrow makes a point at an August Board of Education planning retreat. Photo/Ben Nelms.

With news of more money in the Fayette County School System’s bank account than expected — 15 times more — a lot of teachers want their pay restored to pre-recession levels.

Maybe, partially, says Superintendent Jody Barrow, but let’s go slow.

There are about 1,346 teachers, part of the approximately 3,200 system employees, according to system spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach. Read More»

BoE: How did we end up with 15 times more money than expected?

The Fayette County School System began the FY 2012 school year with a projected year-end fund balance of $802,719. But when the year ended June 30 the fund balance was $15.5 million. The multiple reasons accounting for the fund balance being so much higher than projected was the focus of a report Monday by Assistant Superintendent Tom Gray. Read More»

PTC fix-it list almost done

Peachtree City is getting closer to exhausting its $3 million in repairs authorized by a bond package approved last year.

The $572,000 repair of the roof over the Peachtree City Library is now complete, and now the city is studying options to resurface the All Children’s Playground behind City Hall.

Community Services Director Jon Rorie told the city council Thursday night that staff wants to pick the best solution to make sure the city gets a long-lasting surface for the playground. The city has budgeted $42,000 for the project. Read More»

Time running out for Nov. district vote change

Time is running short to call for a special mid-term election sought by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to replace one member each on the Fayette County Commission and the Fayette County Board of Education under a district voting format.

The general election, which will feature a countywide ballot on a proposed infrastructure sales tax and municipal elections in Tyrone, Peachtree City and Woolsey, is Nov. 5 with early voting starting Oct. 14. Read More»