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Head injury policy gets consideration at Fayette BoE

The Fayette County Board of Education is considering a policy to address the issue of concussions and head injury that can result from extracurricular athletic activities.

The draft policy presented Monday night at the school board meeting noted that parents or legal guardians at the beginning of each season of any extracurricular athletic activity will be given an information sheet informing them of the nature and risk of head injury and concussion. Read More»

Judge to seek legislators’ redistricting experts for map

NAACP President suggests county ‘conspiracy’ to discriminate against black residents by ignoring pleas for district voting Read More»

Sup’t. Barrow sees in Fayette an ‘opportunity to innovate’

Fayette School Superintendent Joseph Barrow in his office. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Hold on to the good, but be prepared to make some changes, says Fayette County School Superintendent Jody Barrow, six weeks into his tenure as Fayette County’s newest school superintendent.

In an interview with The Citizen, Barrow laid out his vision for “an already good system.”

“I think we need to sustain the really good things that are going on, and there are other things we need to re-align and make some subtle changes in order to improve our practice,” Barrow said. Read More»

NAACP: ‘Keep incumbents out of our voting district’

Group makes case for special election this November 2013

Attorneys representing the Fayette County branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People contend there is plenty of time for county elections officials to prepare Read More»

Fayette BoE discovers ‘closing’ doesn’t really mean ‘closed’

Sign at Fayette Middle School in Fayetteville before it was closed at the end of May this year. Photo/Maggie Zerkus.

Recently vacated Fayette Middle becomes new home to existing education programs

What began at last week’s meeting of the Fayette County Board of Education as a report on existing facilities quickly became a discussion about the next uses for the recently closed Fayette Middle School (FMS) for which several on the school board said they had no knowledge.

A previous administrative decision to relocate three school system programs to the now-closed school took some of the board by surprise and and left them wondering how and when the decision was made. Read More»

Low survey response, but CCA advocates press ahead

FCCA’s Russ Moore. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Fewer than one in 10 Fayette businesses responded to a survey conducted to assess future employment needs and how a proposed Fayette College and Career Academy might help train a workforce to fill those coming employment needs, the Fayette County Board of Education was told Monday night.

A variety of job types were identified in the survey even though less than 10 percent of the targeted companies responded to the voluntary survey. Read More»

Coweta OK's school funds for 2013-2014

The Coweta County Board of Education last week signed off on the general fund budget for the 2013-2014 school year that totaled $168 million. The new budget shaved $500,000 off operational expenses from the school year that ended June 30.

School system spokesman Dean Jackson said the $168,026,000 budget represents a reduction from the $168.5 million budget last year. Read More»

Fayette School System’s bond rating: Not too bad, considering

The Fayette County School System over the past few years has seen its share of financial uncertainties. While the balanced budget adopted earlier this month is one of two pieces of good news for the school system, the other is the AA-minus bond debt rating announced in late June. Read More»

District voting maps now due

The U.S. Supreme Court decision Tuesday invalidating a portion of the Voting Rights Act will have no effect on the recent district voting decision involving Fayette County, according to County Commission Chairman Steve Brown.

“I have received a couple of calls already about whether the Section 5 ruling affects our appeal on a Section 2 lawsuit,” Brown said in an email. “It is my understanding that the ruling has no relevance on our case.” Read More»

Fayette BoE ends deficit spending with new budget

Fayette BoE ends deficit spending with new budget

It has been years since the Fayette County Board of Education has lived within its means. But that changed Monday night when the board on a 4-1 vote adopted a budget with $162 million in revenues and $162 million in expenditures.

In terms of revenue, the budget anticipates receiving $83.75 million from state sources and $75.75 million from local ad valorem taxes. Fayette County is projected to lose approximately 1 percent of its total value on the 2013 tax digest. While significant, a single percentage point is far from the 12.39 percent Fayette lost on the digest a year ago. Read More»

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