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School superintendent search gets citizen advice: Thick-skinned

The search to replace retiring Fayette County School Superintendent Dr. John DeCotis is on, and local folks weighed in Monday night on who should replace him.

Former Board of Education member Debbie Condon was one of several school system employees and community members who believed that the successful candidate should not be required to possess a doctorate. Condon said a superintendent should possess strong leadership skills, have tough skin and be a strong leader with courage and a vision for both academics and budget issues. Read More»

Residents and employees have their say on superintendent characteristics

The public input session to receive the opinions of the community on the characteristics and qualifications residents deem important in the selection of a school superintendent drew comments from 12 of the approximately 110 people who turned out Monday night at Sams Auditorium in Fayetteville.

The public hearing was moderated by representatives from the Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA), the organization hired last week to lead the process that will replace outgoing superintendent John DeCotis. Read More»

Input on new school superintendent sought tonight at public hearing

A public hearing will be held Monday night at 7 p.m. at Sams Auditorium in Fayetteville for residents to express their opinions on the characteristics they would like to see in the new school superintendent. Long-time superintendent John DeCotis will be retiring effective June 30.

The Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) has been hired to lead the search effort for the new superintendent and will be moderating the public hearing. Read More»

Coweta school system set to absorb furlough days

The Georgia General Assembly in order to make up for falling revenues may dish out three more furlough days for school system employees around the state. But in Coweta County those days will have no effect on paychecks, since the Coweta County School Board voted March 9 to have the school system absorb the cost of up to three furlough days. Read More»

More furlough days may be coming for Fayette schools

It could be furlough time again for Fayette County School System employees. Furloughs in 2009, along with other system-wide cuts and cost-saving measures, aren’t off-setting what looks to be upcoming cuts by the legislature and a local tax digest expected to take a nose dive. Read More»

Fayette School Board to consider furlough days

Tough economic times can call for tough measures. And some of those measures may mean furlough days for Fayette County School System employees. Read More»

GSBA to lead search for new Fayette school superintendent

The Georgia School Boards Association (GSBA) has been hired by the Fayette County School Board to lead the search for a replacement for Superintendent John DeCotis who is retiring at the end of June. Read More»

School board lags in releasing public info

School board lags in releasing public info

The Fayette County School Board in January voted 3-to-2 to change its monthly public meeting night from Monday to Tuesday.

Although the school board had been meeting on Monday nights for many years, board members Terri Smith, Janet Smola and Lee Wright Read More»

What’s next for Fayette schools?

No comments from school board members Lee Wright (L), Janet Smola and Chairman Terri Smith (R) about what happens next after retirement. of Supt. John DeCotis (below).

The June 30 retirement of Superintendent John DeCotis leaves financially struggling school system with questions

With Fayette County School Superintendent John DeCotis retiring by July 1, the Board of Education must find his replacement. So how will that decision be made? Read More»

Schools brace for $11 million cut in funding

Falling local tax receipts and cuts in state funding may add up to $11 million less total revenue available to spend on Fayette County schools beginning in July, the Fayette County Board of Education has been told.

School system Comptroller Laura Brock at the Feb. 9 meeting provided board members with an initial local revenue projection for the upcoming 2011 school year. That projection shows a decrease of $10,906,869 million in state and local revenues from the current budget of $185.5 million. Read More»

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