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Tea Party turns up heat on BoE’s Terri Smith

Fayette County Board of Education Vice Chairman Terri Smith makes a point during her presentation to the Tea Party. Photo/Ben Nelms.

It was a meeting featuring Fayette County Board of Education member Terri Smith, but it essentially amounted to questions about school board Chairman Leonard Presberg. Smith spoke to a group of nearly 90 people Feb. 28 at the meeting called by the Fayette County Issues Tea Party at the Whitewater Creek Country Club.

Smith came with a presentation that covered a range of issues pertaining to the school system. But that presentation essentially transformed into a question and answer session on Chairman and District 5 school board member Leonard Presberg.
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4 BoE posts to be decided by district vote

Federal judge signs off on NAACP lawsuit settlement; first elections to be in July

UPDATED for print, Feb. 28, 2011 — Get ready for district voting in the upcoming Fayette County Board of Education races.

The signature by a federal judge late last week settled the lawsuit once and for all and paved the way for a new type of election process.

Seats held by school board members Terri Smith, Marion Key and Janet Smola are all up for a vote this year. And so is the one held by District 5 board member Leonard Presberg, though the particulars of that election have not been established.
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District voting for Fayette BoE is a done deal: judge approves settlement

It’s official: A federal judge’s signature Friday has made district voting for all posts on the Fayette County Board of Education the law of the land.

The consent decree proposal to settle the 2011 federal lawsuit filed by the Fayette County Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People against the Fayette County Board of Education to institute district voting has been signed by U.S. District Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr.

The judge’s Feb. 24 order followed a 3-2 vote by the school board on Jan. 9 to settle the suit and agree to district voting, which will replace at-large voting for all posts. Read More»

House easily passes charter school measure

It was going to take a two-thirds super majority of the Georgia House of Representatives to approve a resolution to let voters decide on a constitutional amendment restoring the state’s ability to approve charter schools.

But the 123-48 vote on Wednesday surpassed the requirement and resulted in a vote that had 72 percent of representatives in favor of the resolution. The Senate will soon take up its own version of the proposal. Read More»

Fayette BoE eyes replacement for old ‘summer school’

It is a reality that not every student passes every academic course. A proposal put before the Fayette County Board of Education Feb. 13 would modify the method by which students recover credits during the summer months.

The credit recovery model would meet increasing requirements while providing a cost-saving benefit to parents and the school system, proponents contend. Read More»

Coweta schools in sound financial shape

When it comes to an economy that is still stalled the Coweta County School System is holding its own. A financial report at the Feb. 14 meeting of the Coweta County Board of Education showed the school system’s General Fund budget with a projected fund balance of nearly $26 million when the school year ends June 30.

The school board on June 14 adopted a $165.5 million General Fund budget for the FY 2011-2012 school year that began July 1. The report for January showed 58.33 percent of the year completed and 57.25 percent of the budget expended. Read More»

Fayette BoE told system is running ahead of budget

The Fayette County Board of Education at its Feb. 13 meeting heard a report on the current budget outlook presented by Comptroller Laura Brock. The January financial report showed that the school system is projecting a June 30 general fund balance of $13.856 million.

Brock said the school system is currently $4.27 million under budget with seven of the 12 months having been completed. Of that amount, $2.27 million comes from savings in salaries while $1.99 million represents savings in benefits. Read More»

Fayette school budget examination may include look at schoolbus drivers

Fayette County schoolbuses parked behind the central office in Fayetteville. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Questions have arisen about the salaries and benefits received by bus drivers working in the Fayette County School System. Bus drivers are among the lowest paid of the more than 3,000 school system employees, but the benefits they receive — most of which are paid by their employer — may make the part-time job one that is desirable for many. Read More»

Fayette tax digest drops 8%

Decline in value of property translates into lower income for local governments

The tax digest numbers are in and they forecast more belt-tightening for all Fayette County governments in 2012. Read More»

Fayette school system eyes cutting 72 school employees

Superintendent Jeff Bearden. File photo.

With income dropping, numbers of students declining, budget deadlines approaching, and the easy expense cuts already made, the Fayette County Board of Education Monday night heard the first, but likely not the last, proposal intended to trim sufficient funds from the people side of the budget for next year. Read More»

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