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PAGE rep: ‘Where are teachers, staff on cost-cutting committee?’

Fayette PAGE (Professional Association of Georgia Educators) President and McIntosh High School teacher Joseph Jarrell after Monday's Board of Education meeting expressed concerns about the make-up of the budget committee charged with coming up with cost-cutting measures. Read More»

No increase to taxpayers with Coweta school budget

Coweta County taxpayers will not have to shell out more money this year for the maintenance and operations of the county’s schools. The Coweta County Board of Education on Tuesday voted to hold the millage rate steady at 18.59 mills again this year.

School system spokesman Dean Jackson after the meeting said the rate set at 18.59 mills for the 2012-2013 school year reflects the same rate seen since 2004. As is customary, the combination of local property taxes and state dollars will be used to fund the school system’s $168.5 million budget adopted in June. Read More»

Sup’t. Bearden sticks with closing 3 F’ville schools, rejects reasoning of 2 BoE members

Fayette County School System Superintendent Jeff Bearden has a dispute with two of his five bosses on the Board of Education about how to cut costs and which schools should be closed, and he has gone public with that dispute.

In a letter to the editor in the Aug. 15 edition, Bearden held firm to his belief that Read More»

Fayette BoE OKs initial study funds for new vocational classes

The Fayette County Board of Education on a 3-2 vote Monday approved approximately $41,000 for a needs assessment and consultant with the aim of expanding the school system’s career tech program.

The idea first surfaced in July by way of Peachtree City Councilwoman Kim Learnard. As is sometimes the case, the topic of discussion came with no quick resolution. Read More»

Add Inman to school cut list

Fayette County Board of Education members Janet Smola (L) and Bob Todd. File photo.

Fayette BoE sets up criteria for group to redraw districts

There will be a community redistricting committee to address the potential closure of several Fayette County schools beginning in the 2013-2014 school year.

But the consensus at the Monday meeting of the Fayette County Board of Education that led to the particulars of the redistricting committee’s assignment saw the addition of one more option, a lengthy back-and-forth discussion and accusations by Chairman Leonard Presberg that “some on the board” were trying to undermine the redistricting efforts. Read More»

Fayette BoE to set goals for school closures, redistricting at Aug. 6 called meeting

Fayette COunty School Superintendent Jeff Bearden. File photo.

Most people who keep up with the happenings of the Fayette County School System know that the closure of up to five schools is currently under at least theoretical consideration. But there are a number of parameters that will be determined before the Fayette County Board of Education tackles the issue.

To that end, a called meeting will be held on Aug. 6 to discuss those parameters and give direction to the committee that will be charged with doing the research that will help the board reach a decision on the closure issue. Read More»

Democrat BoE Chairman Presberg stands with Republican Hollowell campaigner

Democrat BoE Chairman Presberg stands with Republican Hollowell campaigner

The Fayette County political tradition of street-corner campaigning got a new participant Tuesday morning and maybe the start of a new tradition: Cross-party politicking. Leonard Presberg, appointed chairman of the Fayette County Board of Education and a declared Democrat, stands with a supporter of Post 1 Republican school board candidate Scott Hollowell at the busy intersection of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway. Hollowell was running for the open seat being vacated by Janet Smola in the Republican Primary. Photo/Special.

Todd, Key grade sup’t., BoE majority with fiscal ‘F’

‘We should have made the tough decisions to cut more, close more, do more months ago ... The biggest cost savings can be realized by closing under-utilized schools ... The board did not follow the community imperative. We are now reduced to fiscal crisis management.’ — Bob Todd & Marion Key

Fayette County Board of Education members Bob Todd and Marion Key have drawn a line in the sand. Read More»

School for jobs: Career Academy would train kids for local openings

Peachtree City Councilwoman Kim Learnard presents her proposal to the Fayette County Board of Education July 16. Photo/Ben Nelms.

For Peachtree City Councilwoman Kim Learnard, it seems as if the time is right for an alternative career path for Fayette County school students.

To that end, Learnard on Monday night presented the idea for developing the Fayette Career Academy to the Fayette County Board of Education. Learnard is taking the idea on the road and is expected to present her findings to the school board in the coming months. Read More»

Fayette School Board grapples with cost-cutting tactics

For a school system that brings in $163 million but spends $177 million, it is not surprising that the search is on for ways to cut expenses and increase revenues a year from now. 

Read More»

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