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E-SPLOST blanks: 61% of funds for proposed school tax projects still not specified

After adopting a resolution in May calling for a Nov. 6 vote to continue the 1-cent E-SPLOST sales tax, the Fayette County Board of Education is waiting until Read More»

NAACP map splits 11 of 36 Fayette voting precincts

Fayette Co. asks court to rule against ‘racial gerrymandering’

In the legal battle over how citizens are elected to Fayette County’s board of education and county commission, both sides are now sparring over the map proposed by the plaintiffs including the Fayette County and national branches of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Read More»

FCBoE wants online survey input on superintendent search

The Fayette County Board of Education is asking citizens for their input in the search for a new superintendent to replace Dr. Jeff Bearden. A recent mutual termination agreement between Bearden and the school board will result in Bearden serving through December. Read More»

Several high-ranking Fayette educators are retiring

The Oct. 1 meeting of the Fayette County Board of Education came with the announcement of the retirements of Safety, Discipline and Athletics Director C.W. Campbell, Transportation Department head Michael Jennings and After-school Program Director Juli Simpson.

Superintendent Jeff Bearden at the meeting said Campbell has 30 years in education, including 10 of those years with the Fayette school system.

“He has done a tremendous job,” Bearden said. Read More»

Tea Party hears push for charter vote OK

State Rep. Jan Jones (R-Milton). Photo/Ben Nelms.

State Rep. Jan Jones (R-Milton) at the Sept. 27 meeting of the Fayette County Local Issues Tea Party had her say on the upcoming Nov. 6 statewide referendum on the charter schools amendment. Jones is largely responsible for the having the proposed amendment included on the ballot. Read More»

Public shut out on why Bearden, BoE split up

Fayette County taxpayers are paying for Superintendent Jeff Bearden’s attorney’s fees in the secret clash that led to his “mutual termination agreement” with the Board of Education Sept. 19, plus a year’s salary and benefits while he looks for another job.

But don’t ask why. Bearden and the board also agreed to keep secret why Read More»

BoE begins search for superintendent

The Sept. 19 announcement of a “mutual termination agreement” between the Fayette County Board of Education and Superintendent Jeff Bearden was followed Oct. 1 by a unanimous vote by the school board to have the Georgia School Boards Association conduct the search process for a new superintendent. Read More»

Questions on the Fayette BoE/Bearden termination agreement go unanswered

Anyone wanting an explanation for the “mutual termination agreement” Wednesday between the Fayette County Board of Education and Superintendent Jeff Bearden will not get it. That is the position of the Fayette County School System and its attorney Phillip Hartley. The Thursday press release authored by Hartley gives no indication of the reasons behind the unexpected action that came after a three-hour executive session. Read More»

Fayette BoE votes 4-1 on Bearden’s ‘mutual termination’ agreement

UPDATED Thursday, Sept. 20, 6:40 p.m. — A press release just issued by the Fayette County School System has shed no light on the reason or reasons for the "mutual termination agreement" between Superintendent Jeff Bearden and the Fayette County Board of Education. The text of the press release is provided below. Read More»

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