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BoE puts out-of-county students idea on hold

Qualified out-of-county students paying tuition to attend Fayette County schools? That policy was put on hold by a unanimous vote of the Fayette County Board of Education at the Nov. 12 meeting.

The idea of accepting out-of-county students in Fayette County schools as a way of increasing needed revenues, Read More»

$16 million in likely Fayette school system cuts still to be addressed

The bottom line for the Fayette County Board of EDucation that the 2013-2014 budget is still slated to contain cuts in multiple areas and the applicants looking to be hired for the school system’s top job will have until Jan. 31 to submit their applications. Read More»

Tea Party forum hears ideas for helping schools weather financial storm

Fayette County Local Issues Tea Party representative Bob Ross complies a list of suggestions made by residents Oct. 30 on possible approaches to address the Fayette county School System’s financial issues that will require up to $20 million in cuts for the school year that begins in July. Photo/Ben Nelms.

It was a chance for Fayette County residents to offer suggestions on ways the Fayette County Board of Education might address the financial dilemma that will require up to $20 million in expense cuts or new revenues to balance the budget for the new school year that begins in July. Read More»

For sale: 1 nearly empty elementary school

Rivers Elementary has 17 students, 29 school employees

Somebody wants to buy the nearly new but almost empty Rivers Elementary School on Sandy Creek Road. And the cash-strapped Fayette County Board of Education may sell the school site if the price is right. Read More»

Bearden passed over for Floyd County job

Fayette County School System Superintendent Jeff Bearden was one of two finalists for the superintendent’s job with the Floyd County School System. But the Floyd County Board of Education on Nov. 5 selected one of its own to fill the position.

The Floyd County school board voted Monday to hire Jeff McDaniel, the school system’s chief of academics. Read More»

Rivers Elementary targeted for sale

Exterior of Rivers Elementary School in a 2011 file photo.

So what was the Fayette County school property that led to halting the work of the redistricting committee in mid-October? Turns out it was Rivers Elementary School.

Superintendent Jeff Bearden confirmed Friday that he gave the school system’s Community Advisory Committee that information at a recent meeting. Read More»

Bearden’s job seeking raises questions

It has been established that Fayette County School System Superintendent Jeff Bearden is one of two finalists for the superintendent’s job with the Floyd County School System.

But when it came to the Sept. 19 executive session meeting of the Fayette County Board of Education that resulted in the board’s mutual termination agreement with Bearden, were all the board members aware Read More»

Tea Party concerned about Fayette school system

Meeting Tues. will examine finances, seek solutions

With school closings and near-certain personnel cuts facing the Fayette County School System next year due to a steep decline in local and state revenue, the Fayette County Issues Tea Party will examine potential financial solutions at a meeting Tuesday night at the amenities center in the Whitewater Creek subdivision. Read More»

Coweta BoE delays new middle school construction

The economic timing was just not right. The Coweta County Board of Education has decided to delay the construction on the county’s seventh middle to be located on Corinth Road. State and local financial uncertainties due to the long-running recession were among the primary reasons for holding off on the project. Read More»

Bearden a finalist for Floyd County schools

Superintendent Jeff Bearden in a 2012 file photo.

Completed Floyd application two weeks before his mutual termination agreement in Fayette

It was on Sept. 19 that the Fayette County Board of Education and Superintendent Jeff Bearden entered into a mutual termination agreement that cited Dec. 31 as his last day of employment. But according to documents on the Floyd County School System website, Bearden completed an application and resume for superintendent’s job on Sept. 4, a full two weeks before he and the Fayette school board agreed to the mutual termination. Bearden is listed as one of two finalists in the search to fill the superintendent’s position in Rome. Read More»

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