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Fayette Chairman Brown appeals ethics verdict

Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown is determined to have his day in court. A filing in Fayette County Superior Court has Brown appealing the decision by the Fayette County Ethics Board that found him guilty of two violations of the county ethics ordinance that were alleged by former Commissioner Robert Horgan.

In the petition to the court, attorney Drew Whalen said the ethics board found Brown to be in violation of the ethics ordinance because he gave “a direct instruction to the county’s human resources director to seek a legal opinion from the Ga. Attorney General.” Read More»

BoE eyes loss of 144 teachers, 145 parapros or others

The Fayette County Board of Education in the coming weeks will make a decision on the number of employee positions that will be reduced because of a budget shortfall. The board faces the requirement to trim millions from the 2013—2014 budget the begins in July.

That number currently sits at approximately 310 jobs that are being proposed for elimination at the end of the school year in June. Read More»

Coweta BoE makes new admin. appointments

Coweta BoE makes new admin. appointments
Two of the Coweta County School System’s high school principal’s have been named to positions in central office in the wake of a restructuring effort.

Newnan High School Principal Doug Moore has been named the school system’s Director of Operations and School Safety and Northgate Principal Therese Reddekopp has been named the school system’s Director of Instructional Services, according to school system spokesman Dean Jackson.  Read More»

BoE ponders eliminating 309 jobs

Proposal to balance 2013-2014 system budget would cut 12% of workforce for a savings of $15.5 million

How do you reduce school system costs by $15.5 million to produce a balanced budget? Read More»

BoE declares Rivers Elem. ‘surplus,’ paves way for sale

File photo from 2011 of Rivers Elementary School.

It has been six months since the announcement that an undisclosed party was interested in buying the Rivers Elementary School property on Sandy Creek Road north of Fayetteville.

Some indication of the potential sale was given Monday when the Fayette County Board of Education voted to surplus the property. Declaring the property as surplus legally paves the way for an eventual sale.

The unanimous vote came after board members returned from executive session. There was no comment from the board as to who the interested party might be. Read More»

BoE approves massive redistricting for school attendance

Becky Talley addresses the school board Monday night. Photo/John Munford.

4-to-1 final vote mirrors vote earlier this month that closed 4 schools

The vote to redistrict Fayette County public schools came March 18 on a 4-1 vote by the Fayette County Board of Education.

The redistricting followed what had been a long-fought battle by some parents to keep Brooks Elementary School and Tyrone Elementary School open. Fewer in number in recent months were the advocates for keeping Fayetteville Intermediate School and Fayette Middle School open. The vote to close all four schools came on March 4.
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Fayette School Board to vote on new attendance lines March 18

New Fayette County Board of Education member Mary Kay Bacallao votes against closing Tyrone Elementary School earlier this month. From left are Barry Marchman, Bob Todd, Bacallao, Leonard Presberg and Chair Marion Key. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Parents, prepare your students for some changes, including the schools they attend.

The Fayette County Board of Education at its March 18 meeting is expected to vote on the redistricting lines that will follow the closures in June of three elementary schools and one middle school.

The redrawn lines will affect thousands of students across the county. Read More»

Fayette BoE to close Brooks, Tyrone, 2 other schools

Fayette County Board of Education member Leonard Presberg (center) reacts to Chair Marion Key’s call for a vote to close one of four schools. Board member Mary Kay Bacallao (L), who voted against all closures, looks on. Photo/Maggie Zerkus.

Still to come: Personnel cuts of more than 200 people — including 100 parapros — to close $15 million budget gap Read More»

Fayette Boe closes 4 schools on split votes

After two recent public hearings, numerous discussions and a wealth of public comments spanning the better part of two years, the Fayette County Board of Education Monday night on split votes committed to close three elementary schools and one middle school at the end of the school year. Read More»

Future of 4 Fayette schools now depends on BoE vote

Most elected bodies would consider 225 people showing up for a meeting to be a large crowd.

That many citizens showed up Feb. 25 for a public hearing conducted by the Fayette County Board of Education on potential school closures, and the meeting venue — the 900-seat Sams Auditorium — seemed nearly empty. Read More»