Fayette County

Sams, Crawford picked as new Superior Court judges

McMillian named to fill Sams' place as judge of Fayette State Court

Fayette County State Court Judge Fletcher Sams was named as one of two new Superior Court judges for the Griffin Judicial Circuit, which includes Fayette County. Read More»

Handel sneaks past Deal in Fayette

All precincts counted; sights turn to statewide returns

The last round of six precincts helped Karen Handel win Fayette County, as she reversed Nathan Deal’s slim lead, defeating him 6.204 to 6,166 among local voters in the runoff.

All precincts are in for Fayette and now the state scoreboard watching begins. The Secretary of State's office is posting results at http://sos.georgia.gov/elections/election_results/2010_0810/

Fayette turned out 19.3 percent of its registered voters for the runoff.

In the race for Republican Attorney General, Sam Olens won Fayette with 5,640 votes to Preston W. Smith’s 4,161. Read More»

Police Blotter — Aug. 3—9

Arrests reported by Fayette County, Peachtree City and Fayetteville

The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the past week. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty:

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office
Tuesday, Aug. 3 - Monday, Aug. 9

Rodriquez McKinstry, 20, of Shoreham Drive, College Park, for waiting warrants burglary (5).

Tony McKinstry, 17, of Shoreham Drive, College Park, for burglary.

Roberto Fabian Silva, 25, of Brandon Hill Way, Jonesboro, for no license.

Michael Ray Baskerville, 34, of Jackson, for failure to appear. Read More»

New PTC tower ordinance criticized

Meanwhile, county moves to relax distance rules for new towers

Peachtree City’s new celltower ordinance, which will allow new towers to be built in some parks and recreation areas with approval of the City Council, resulted in the planning commission getting an earful Monday night.

Resident Kevin Cheney, who lives near Blue Smoke Park, complained that the city should be protecting its parks and recreation areas from celltowers instead of allowing them to be built.

“Is there anything in there that says the quality of life in Peachtree City has to be taken into account?” Cheney asked. Read More»

BoE’s superintendent pick must work out 120-day notice at 5-school system

Dr. Jeffrey Bearden was selected last week to fill the superintendent’s position with the Fayette County School System. Details to be worked out with the Fayette County Board of Education include Bearden’s start date in January after he fulfills his notice with the Marshwood School District in Eliot, Maine, where he currently serves as superintendent.

Bearden will be coming from a district with five schools and 2,500 students to take over a system with 30 schools and 21,000 students. Read More»

County’s 53 dirt miles perplex officials

For a place considered part of metropolitan Atlanta, Fayette County has a good many unpaved dirt and gravel roads lingering around.

Some 53 miles of those roads are maintained by the county’s road department, and the county has $1.8 million squirreled away to pave some of them.

But that money may not be enough to pave a road, as the county commission expressed sentiment Wednesday that residents who want their dirt road paved should donate their right of way. Read More»

Chairman Smith flips on county tax increase

Two weeks after losing his bid for reelection, Fayette County Commission Chairman Jack Smith — who campaigned on his record of opposing countywide tax increases — has decided a tax hike might be a good idea after all. Read More»

PTC fees kill industry deal, 165 jobs

A Jonesboro company that had intended to relocate to Peachtree City has withdrawn from the effort.

Low Temp Industries Inc., would have brought 165 jobs here but has bowed out because the company would have to pay for the city sewer line to be extended to its proposed site at the intersection of Ga. Highway 74 and Redwine Road. Read More»

Commission skeptical about need for new Fayette judge

While Fayette County’s judicial circuit caseload meets state thresholds for adding another superior court judge, the concept wasn’t well-received by the Fayette County Commission Wednesday afternoon.

Will Simmons, the court administrator for the Sixth Administrative Judicial District, said the county’s four judges, — who also hold court in Spalding, Pike and Upson counties — were handling the workload of an additional 1.33 judges. Read More»

Horgan appeals ethics slap

Fayette County Commissioner Robert Horgan is challenging an independent panel’s finding that he violated the county’s ethics ordinance by possessing a misdemeanor amount of marijuana in his truck May 23, 2009.

Last week Horgan’s attorney Rick Lindsey argued to senior Superior Court Judge Byron Smith that Horgan was not acting as a county commissioner at the time, and was not in a county-owned vehicle, so he should not be held to the county’s ethics standards for the infractions.

Horgan is asking the court to overturn the ethics ruling. Read More»