Fayette County

Commission counts bees ahead of budget wreck

Our county is headed for a train wreck and our elected commissioners can’t seem to get anything done to prevent or even recognize it. The last workshop held June 1, the commission debated/discussed and argued for 40 minutes and could not agree on how many honeybees a resident could have in their front or back yard.

With all the many things that are affecting this county and its citizens, one would think the commission could get their act together. But, no, they can’t seem to agree on anything, not even bees. Read More»

Budget unsustainable, but Frady tries to shut out public comments

As someone who has been active in local politics for over 15 years, I ask you to heed the warning of Commissioner Steve Brown regarding the proposed fiscal year 2012 budget. Read More»

Frady, Horgan and Hearn continue to tune out voter complaints

Commissioner Frady thinks the public comment portion of the commissioners meetings should be moved to the end of the meeting. He claims the people are boisterous and that Boy Scouts sometimes are in attendance. He has got to be kidding.

The only person that is boisterous is the man yelling and slamming the gavel when Steve Brown is making a point. There is audio and video of all these meetings that will prove this point. Read More»

Starr’s Mill grad plays bully in NBC movie this Saturday

Dane Davenport as Nick, a bully in the NBC Summer Movie, “Field of Vision.” Photo/Special.

Dane Davenport, a graduate of Starr’s Mill High School and Auburn University, will appear in a television movie on NBC this Saturday night.

Davenport plays a high school football player bully in the new NBC Summer Movie, “Field of Vision.” The movie was filmed locally in Jonesboro and Tara Stadium this past spring. In addition to experience of working with actors like Faith Ford on a movie for network television, Davenport and his fellow actors got to learn how to play some football from high school and college level football players and coaches. Read More»

3-member majority pull budget shenanigans

We don’t the national news to hear about budget shenanigans and an administration trying to limit public comment; just follow the 3-member majority on the Fayette County Commission.

As reported in The Citizen last week and discussed by the commissioners in Wednesday’s work session, both topics have moved to the forefront and will be discussed again on Thursday, June 9 at the 7 p.m. Board of Commissioners meeting. You should attend. Read More»

Busy summer at the county library

Sarah Trowbridge, one of the public service librarians at the library, stands with a copy of this year’s Fayette On the Page book, “Rocket Boys” by Homer Hickham. Photo/Michael Boylan.

In addition to the construction at the Fayette County Public Library (the expansion is due to be completed by August), the county library is packed with action this summer. With Vacation Reading Programs for children and teens, a film series and the annual Fayette On The Page program, there is, quite literally, something to do at the library nearly every single day. If by chance there isn’t an activity, you can always find a book and escape into reading. Read More»

Let voters decide on repurposing SPLOST funds

I attended county 2012 budget meetings last month. From what was said, and what I was able to absorb, the statement that “the past administration left a surplus” from the previous administration is quite a misnomer that may increase your property taxes.

It appears that the past administration left us in a dire situation: the “surplus” was accumulated by deferring expenses for needed county vehicles, communications & maintenance equipment, and road and bridge improvements that now must be paid. Read More»

Loya is an Eagle Scout

Loya is an Eagle Scout

Boy Scouts of America – Troop 201 would like to congratulate Ray C. Loya in achieving the Rank of Eagle Scout. Ray began his scouting experience as a Tiger and progressed up in ranks.  He has been nominated by his fellow scouts for the “Order of the Arrow” award and has 13 years of scouting experience. Ray would like to thank Michael Warren, Jeff Terrell, Ward Chewning, Bob Page, Steve Rambeck, Susan Hoey, John Divirgilio, Troop 201, family members and friends for the assistance in helping prepare him for an “Eagle Scout”. Read More»

Antique truck show this weekend

Antique truck show this weekend

If you like antique cars and trucks, or you’re looking for some parts for your antique tractor then you’ll want to be at Minter’s Farm in the south Fayette County community of Inman, on Saturday June 11 for an old-fashioned truck and car show and swap meet. The Griffin Piedmont Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America will be holding its 39th annual show along with the Second Inman Antique Truck Show and a swap meet sponsored by the Georgia Chapter of the International Harvester Collectors of America. Read More»

Playwright Steadman has new work in short play festival

Susan Steadman, formerly of Offshoot Productions which was based in Fayette County, has a short play in Onion Man Productions’ short play festival, “Life is Short,” running Thursday-Saturday June 9-12 in Norcross.

Steadman’s play, “New Age Farewells, Inc.” is about the sparks that fly when three strangers - a churchwoman, a stripper and an art historian with twin infants, have a bizarre encounter at a high-tech funeral home. Read More»