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Rep. Ramsey: Don’t worry about paying for MARTA

Rep. Matt Ramsey at the podium in the Georgia House of Representatives. Photo/File.

Gov. Nathan Deal has created a “Transit Governance Task Force” to develop a legislative proposal for consideration by the legislature next January.

And that has some Fayette residents nervous they might be forced to pay a transit tax in the future, even though there currently is no transit service here.

But Fayette County state Representative Matt Ramsey said there isn’t any support in the legislature, outside of DeKalb and Fulton counties, for expanding the penny sales tax for MARTA. Read More»

Piedmont Fayette not seniors’ friend

As seniors in Fayette County begin the arduous and gut-wrenching (yes, it is for us 65 and over) task of Medicare’s 2012 “open enrollment,” we find ourselves confused and not sure who we can trust in our healthcare community.

Pay attention closely, seniors. Check with all your insurance reps, i.e., Humana, Medicare, Kaiser, United, etc., to know what you’re going to pay for being an “out-of-network” hospitalized senior at Piedmont Fayette Hospital. Read More»

No provisions for the handicapped at FCHS

I visited your [Fayette County High School] stadium on 10-28-2011 for the Sandy Creek vs. Fayette County High football game.

I was appalled when I got there and saw there was no handicapped seating.

I go all over to high school football games in Georgia. I am a 62-year-old amputee in a wheelchair. Every high school stadium I have visited has a section for wheelchairs.

I paid $7 and had to park my wheelchair next to the bleachers on the 10-yard line and could hardly see the game from ground level. Read More»

Imker: ‘Realist’ for doing smart things

The end of the campaign season is near. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to share with the people of Peachtree City the accomplishments and decisions I’ve made while a council member.

In every case my choice has been and will continue to be based on what is in the best interest of the citizens.

I have accepted no campaign contributions. Nor did I two years ago. I wanted to emphasize that I work for the citizens and no one else. Read More»

Allen: Will work for low taxes, consensus

I believe in the following principles of low taxes, keeping our communities safe from crime and limited government.

While on the Peachtree City Council I will:

• Work to gather consensus on our common goals with other Peachtree City Council members.

• Seek input from you, Peachtree City’s citizens, on issues that are important to all of us so that we can work towards our common goals. Read More»

Learnard: Imker is a ‘budget genius’

When I read the headline story in The Citizen on Oct. 29, I was shocked. George Dienhart, a candidate for City Council Post 2, stated his assumption in the race for City Council Post 1 – a race in which he is not involved – that Steve Allen would be easier for me to work with on City Council than Eric Imker would be.

I would like to thank The Citizen for allowing me to clarify my own position. In the two years I have served on City Council Post 3, I have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Eric Imker. Read More»

Allen offers reason, reconciliation

I made a new friend today.

I met Mr. Steve Allen today after church. We talked for over an hour about his love of family in particular and his appreciation of and concern for all the things that make Peachtree City, Ga., the special place that we all cherish.

Mr. Allen is a gentleman by all contemporary standards. His interest in our city is the interest that any of us have for our home. He truly is concerned about the direction in which some would detract us from the original plan that is a proven success. Read More»

Fleisch: I support Imker

Peachtree City would do well to re-elect Eric Imker for City Council Post 1.

I have had the privilege of working with Eric over the past two years and have known him to be an honest man with only the best interests of the city of Peachtree City at heart.

His ideas for the budget have been thought-provoking for both his fellow council members and the city staff. He has gone through the budget line by line and is always forthright in offering his opinions. He is definitely not a politician and that is one of the reasons why I enjoy working with him so much. Read More»

Allen is independent thinker, not a politician

Steve Allen believes we need to do things better on the Peachtree City Council. His goals for this city are simple: keeping our home values up, our quality of life here in this city, and to keep our village plan secure.

Mr. Allen is an independent thinker with good business sense who will make decisions based on the needs of this city, and not the needs of a political career.

He will give credit to the people who really deserve it and not take credit for their work. Read More»

Cochran: Want to reach out to F’ville businesses

Thanks to my friends for your overwhelming support. I treasure you.

As you head to the polls remember:

About Fayetteville:

• Our police department received national accreditation attributed to the leadership of Chief Heaton.

• Our ISO rating improved due to accomplishments of our Fire Department resulting in lower homeowner’s insurance premiums.

• A large portion of the city’s budget is allocated to public safety to insure our officers have the most up-to-date equipment. Read More»

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