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Despite taxpayers’ pleas, Fayette Commission adopts tax hike, 3–2

The Fayette County Commission got an earful last week from residents who opposed the property tax increases the board enacted on a 3-2 vote.

Several speakers urged the commission to reconsider using a new power granted by the legislature to shift funds from the county’s 2003 transportation sales tax to help avoid the tax increases entirely. Read More»

Forbes names Fayetteville as one of Top 10 retirement cities

Fayetteville has earned a distinction awarded to few communities across America. The city has been named one of the Top 10 Suburbs for Retirement by Forbes.com

The website in its description of Fayetteville said, “Homes in this 15,000-person suburb 22 miles south of Atlanta average about $200,000, reflecting the lower-than-average cost of living. There’s a local hospital. Mass transit to Atlanta, however, is limited, although the Atlanta Airport is just 10 miles away.” Read More»

PTC Council to debate pushing for MacDuff extension for 2012 regional vote

The Peachtree City Council will discuss Thursday whether it sees a need to fight for regional funding of the MacDuff Parkway extension.

The road would provide a western bypass of sorts around the traffic-choked intersection of Ga. highways 54 and 74. It has been on the drawing board a while and two developers have committed to building the road.

However, with the housing market in trouble across the country, little work has been done on the road. Read More»

Collector finds ‘smoking gun’ in $45 million dispute; her reward — $69

Former Fayetteville resident Omega Lamont shows off an antique bookstore purchase that landed her in the middle of a multi-million lawsuit between musicians and a record company. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Former Fayetteville resident Omega Lamont has a passion for collecting all kinds of things. But one of those collectibles found in an antique shop in Florida has landed her in the middle of multi-million-dollar lawsuit between the 1970s Scottish band Bay City Rollers and Arista Records, their record company at the time.

Lamont was inadvertently thrust in the cross-hairs of the litigation because what she found in the antique shop was a 1978 audit of Arista Records by then-Price Waterhouse and Company that refers to royalties, or the lack thereof, the Bay City Rollers say are owed to them. Read More»

Shakerag hosts KidzFest

Shakerag hosts KidzFest

The inflatable slide was just one of the free attractions that brought hundreds of children and their parents to KidzFest at Shakerag Knoll in Peachtree City last Saturday. The event was also combined with FoodFest and HelpFest, giving local citizens some food to taste and some non-profit and volunteer organizations to learn about. Photo/Michael Boylan.

The Creek rolls to 30 victories in a row

The Creek rolls to 30 victories in a row

The Patriots’ JaQuay Williams (L) makes a catch in front of a section of Whitewater High School students participating in a “yellow out” demonstration of school spirit. The yellow costumes didn’t help the Wildcats’ offensive efforts as Sandy Creek won 43-20 and kept their winning streak alive. They have won 30 games in a row. For more on last Friday’s football games, click here. Photo/Stan Prophitt/KidzSportsPhotography.com.

Fayette deputy testifies he shot suspect while being dragged by getaway car

A Fayette County sheriff’s deputy testified that he was in fear for his life as he struggled with a Fayetteville man who sped away from a traffic stop on County Line Road Nov. 29, ultimately throwing the deputy from the vehicle. Read More»

Qualifying so far: 5 in F’ville, 4 in Tyrone, 0 in PTC

It’s put-up-or-shut-up time for municipal candidates in three Fayette cities this week. To be on the ballot this fall, candidates in Fayetteville, Tyrone and Peachtree City have to file official paperwork and pay qualifying fees this week. Read More»

Dienhart: Ready to ask hard questions

[Editors note: The following was adapted from the candidates public announcement last week, which he released to the media.]

Several weeks ago, citizens from all over Peachtree City began asking themselves a question. That question is, What is my city council doing?

Constant infighting and bickering ... has done immense damage to our fair citys reputation. Instead of picturing the lush vegetation, beautiful multipurpose paths and wonderful family life that we know Peachtree City for, people now look at our city and see a place of petty squabbles and dysfunction. Read More»

Give back summers to kids, families

I was pleasantly surprised to read that the Fayette schools are considering a return to the traditional Labor Day to Memorial Day calendar (Fayette schools facing big changes, big choices, 8/24/11).

Though advocates for year-round schooling claim to have the academic welfare of children in mind, the expansion of the school year into the summer months has actually been driven by the interests of teachers and working parents mainly single parents who see the child-care afforded by public schools as yet another government entitlement. Read More»

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