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PTC Army colonel charged with producing own child pornography

Edgar Pagan-Torres, 41, of Peachtree City, Ga., a lieutenant colonel with the U.S. Army, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on child pornography production and possession offenses. Read More»

Camouflage future cell towers in PTC

I have lived in Fayette County/Peachtree City for over 20 years. Recently I have seen in the paper talks about cell towers and how we need additional cell towers in PTC.

In driving west on Ga. Highway 54 past Peachtree Parkway you can see the cell towers in the distance and how much they stand out on the horizon. In driving south on Ga. Highway 400 past the toll plaza you see the cell towers are made to look like pine trees and they are not such an eyesore. Read More»

Lower taxes not solution to all ills

David Epps’s column called “an oppressed minority” is an example of how ideology can get in the way of rational thinking. In this case, it’s the ideology of less government. While it is certainly true that small businesses are having a hard time, his assessment of why and what to do about it is not well founded. Read More»

Folkertsma ‘obfuscates,’ fails to make case against progressives

The title was “Progressives Destroy Constitution” and the author, a Dr. Marvin Folkertsma from some place called “The Center for Vision and Values” where Cal now apparently turns when he’s looking for an answer but not a reason.

Most noticeable in Dr. Folkertsma’s endless chain of quotations was the absence of any quotation from even one of the 55 men who attended the Constitutional Convention. Also noticeably missing was any evidence to support the title which in his defense, may or may not have been the author’s. Read More»

PTC taking ‘junk’ for spring cleanup

It’s spring cleanup time again in Peachtree City this weekend.

Unwanted junk may be dropped off Saturday and Sunday at the Peachtree City recycling center off Rockaway Road between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Junk may include appliances (freon does not have to be removed), lawnmowers, bikes, furniture and other articles. No tires, paint, batteries or light bulbs will be accepted.

The city offers the service annually in collaboration with Keep American Beautiful and Keep Georgia Beautiful. For more information, call Public Works at 770-487-5183.

Residents feel at home at Heritage of Peachtree

Residents feel at home at Heritage of Peachtree

The big yellow building looks like a rambling, comfortable home! Located on Highway 54 West, just at the edge of Peachtree City, Heritage is nestled among beautiful shrubs and flowering trees. This beautiful one-level senior community is a calm oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life in Fayette County.
Heritage of Peachtree is “the place to be.” You’ll instantly feel right at home. The beautifully decorated building provides a comfortable place for residents, family and friends to relax and take life easy. Read More»

Ask the Anytime Fitness Guy

By Seth Bobbitt
Anytime Fitness

Question: There are so many fat-burning products on the market—are they helpful or harmful? Read More»

Peachtree City Curves offers 30-day trial memberships

Thirty dollars doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to--maybe a tank of gas, a pair of jeans on sale, or a couple bags of groceries; but the staff at the Peachtree City Curves thinks you can change your life with $30 and they’re willing to prove it.  From now until May 30, 2010, new members can experience 30 days at the Peachtree City Curves for just $30! Read More»

'Touch a Truck' returns this Saturday

'Touch a Truck' returns this Saturday

Peachtree City will host Touch A Truck on Saturday, May 1 in the Recreation Administration parking lot located at 191 McIntosh Trail from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. This is the annual event where kids will be able to climb on big rigs, operate forklifts, turn on police sirens and learn about the equipment.

In honor of April being National Auto Safety Month our friends at Craig Automotive are teaming up with us. They will have representatives on site that will do a free inspection on your car. Safety is key. Read More»

Starr's Mill presents 'The Murder Room' this week

Starr's Mill presents 'The Murder Room' this week

The talented students in Starr’s Mill High School’s Drama Department are set to perform in Jack Sharkey’s ‘The Murder Room.’ Read More»

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