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Dienhart: Ready to ask hard questions

[Editors note: The following was adapted from the candidates public announcement last week, which he released to the media.]

Several weeks ago, citizens from all over Peachtree City began asking themselves a question. That question is, What is my city council doing?

Constant infighting and bickering ... has done immense damage to our fair citys reputation. Instead of picturing the lush vegetation, beautiful multipurpose paths and wonderful family life that we know Peachtree City for, people now look at our city and see a place of petty squabbles and dysfunction. Read More»

Give back summers to kids, families

I was pleasantly surprised to read that the Fayette schools are considering a return to the traditional Labor Day to Memorial Day calendar (Fayette schools facing big changes, big choices, 8/24/11).

Though advocates for year-round schooling claim to have the academic welfare of children in mind, the expansion of the school year into the summer months has actually been driven by the interests of teachers and working parents mainly single parents who see the child-care afforded by public schools as yet another government entitlement. Read More»

PTCs take-home-a-vehicle policy wears out vehicles, wastes $$$

Recently in previous letters to the editor it was revealed that Peachtree City maintains a total of 188 city-operated vehicles, one for every 183 residents. It was further revealed that 94 of those vehicles are assigned to the Police Department, which is staffed by 73 individuals more vehicles than personnel.

As of July 2011, last month, 59 Police Department staff are granted the use of a city-supplied take home vehicle. What does that mean? It means that the taxpayers of Peachtree City are providing transportation to and from home for over 80 percent of the Police Department staff. Read More»

PTC, power company are charging taxes upon taxes

In sixth grade, my arithmetic class included fractions and percentages. Hated them, then; hated them, now. Never thought Id need them. Didnt, for a long time, not until I took a hard look at my electric power bill.

Sales tax on electricity is 6 percent. Okay, I understand that. Georgia Power is selling me a product. I pay sales tax on it.

But when I multiply the cost of electricity by 6 percent, I dont get the same cost for sales tax that is on the bill. Read More»

Dienhart is the right choice for PTC Council Post 2

I recently had the opportunity to contrast the two candidates for Peachtree City Council Post 2: George Dienhart and Scott Brown.

Dienhart was certainly the more impressive candidate. Of the two men, Dienhart appears to have a plan that supports our village concept while bringing new jobs to the city. He also had a plan for how to deal with the current City Council controversy.

I believe that it is going to take a strong leader to deal with the energetic personalities of Don Haddix and Erik Imker. After hearing the two men speak, Dienhart was the obvious choice. Read More»

Brown: 2 of us tried to stop wasteful county spending, but 3 said no

The frustration level is extremely high at the county government level. First, a new ordinance was passed on a 3-1 vote to force citizens to register to speak at government meetings. The new ordinance is so broad in its restriction of free speech that any comments that might embarrass the chairman or the other commissioners are now cause for removing a citizen from a public meeting (I am not making this up). Read More»

Twilight Theatre will cut ‘Footloose’ next two weekends

The cast of “Footloose” on stage at The Frederick Brown Jr.. Amphitheater. Photo/Special.

The Twilight Theatre is proud to present the high-energy dance musical, “Footloose,” opening Friday night, Sept. 2 at the beautiful Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater in Peachtree City.

The perfect way to end the summer, “Footloose” (directed by Tanya Gruber; assistant directors Nora Wilfong and Marissa Shenkle) features high-spirited dancing (choreographed by Brenda Hotard), costumes from the 80’s (coordinated by Leah Larson), and music you’ll want to sing along with (music directed by Alison Chambers; assistant music director, Allie Duncan). Read More»

Senoia man arrested on charge of following ex-wife

Divorce settled in May after contentious 3-year court battle

A Senoia man has been arrested and charged with aggravated stalking for allegedly following his ex-wife in violation of a protection order, police said.

Greg Crook, 45, contends that he did not violate the order because he was at Riley Field in south Peachtree City legally to pick up his daughter, whom he has custody of, from cheerleading practice. Read More»

Toga Trot’s Never Evers cross finish line despite the odds

Toga Trot’s Never Evers cross finish line despite the odds

Together the Dolce Atlanta Peachtree Hotel & Resort, First Step Physical Therapy, the Atlanta Southern Crescent Alumnae Panhellenic Association (ASCAPA) and the Rotary Club of Peachtree City all sponsored the 4th annual Toga Trot 5K and 1-mile walk/run this past weekend. On Aug. 27, spectators watched as the runners, walkers, and rollers left The Dolce and then returned to cross the finish line. What they didn’t see was the initial prognoses of the “Never Evers.” The participants were told by medical experts that they would never ever walk again. Read More»

Quilting for the kids

Quilting for the kids

Comfort Quilters of First Presbyterian Church Peachtree City and the 217 Quilts they made that are designated for the children of Fayette County Head Start. The Quilters were out at last weekend’s KidzFest/HelpFest/FoodFest event, showing how they make quilts and talking about their quilting ministry. Photo/Special. 

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