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Fayette’s celltower rules skewed, unfair

I would like to respond to the recent article published in the Fayette Citizen about the celltower being built on Crabapple Road. While I appreciate that the article correctly voiced my opinion about the lack of notification to the surrounding neighbors near the cell tower and the need to change the ordinance, significant issues were omitted from the article. Read More»

Great Georgia Air Show returns this weekend

Great Georgia Air Show returns this weekend

Later this week, look up in the sky and you’ll see birds, planes and even more planes as The Great Georgia Air Show returns to Peachtree City. The popular event takes place each October at Falcon Field in Peachtree City and features a variety of aircraft and aeronautic performers and daredevils, in addition to numerous family friendly events to enjoy and exhibits to peruse. Read More»

PTC Council to examine private street takeover

The Peachtree City Council will hold a workshop meeting Tuesday night to discuss the possibility of the city assuming control of privately-owned streets in several subdivisions.

The meeting will be at City Hall at 6:30 p.m. The discussion will include the current specifications of existing private streets, the city’s street specifications and the potential ramification of the city assuming their control, particularly as it would affect residents through homeowners associations. Read More»

Safety a key component of Great Ga. Airshow

Spectators keep their eyes on the sky at a previous airshow at Falcon Field in Peachtree City. The crowd is kept safe by a number of safety procedures and regulations. Photo/File.

A number of safety initiatives in place each year for the Great Georgia Airshow are designed to protect the crowd, including individual pre-flight mechanical inspections of each aircraft and the presence of a safety monitor from the Federal Aviation Administration, air show organizers said this week.

On top of that, all of the aerobatics undertaken by aircraft are designed to move away from the crowd, according to Angie Faulise, the director of this year’s airshow, slated for Oct. 8-9 at Falcon Field in Peachtree City. Read More»

Police: no burglary ‘crime ring’ in PTC

Residents’ email chalked up to miscommunication with officer

A Sept. 22 email based on an incident at the home of a Cardiff Park subdivision couple in Peachtree City has generated a flurry of other email activity around the city.

The incident pertaining to a woman entering the house supposedly to clean the residence and then leaving after speaking with the husband was reported to Peachtree City Police later that day. Officers subsequently received a copy of the email apparently sent by the residents and reviewed the statements from the portion of the email relating to whether current crime issues in the city were accurate. Read More»

MacDuff extension close to making list

Road would be added to regional sales tax projects

The extension of MacDuff Parkway in northwestern Peachtree City is one step closer to making the final cut for funding through a potential regional sales tax. Read More»

Oct. 1 deadline for burglar alarm signups in PTC

Saturday, Oct. 1 is the last day for Peachtree City residents to register their home or business burglar alarm with the police department.

The registration is required by a new ordinance passed in May which enacts fines when a given location has more than two false alarms in a given 12-month period.

The goal of the new rules is to curb false alarms, which tie up police officers unnecessarily, by encouraging property owners to improve and maintain their burglar alarms, officials have said. Read More»

PTC peeper charged with public indecency

A Peachtree City man during the weekend period of Sept. 23-25 was charged with public indecency when he was identified as having fondled himself in front of a woman in a Peachtree City apartment complex.

Demeitre Mykel Winder, 23, of South Peachtree Parkway, was charged with public indecency and public intoxication, according to Peachtree City Police spokesperson Rosanna Dove. Read More»

7th man arrested in armed robberies in PTC, Tyrone

A seventh suspect has been arrested in connection with the Aug. 30 armed robbery at the Peachtree City Target and the Sept. 12 armed robberies of the Pit Stop convenience store in Peachtree City and the Sonic Drive-In in Tyrone.

Bradford J. Gibbs, Jr., 20, of Tom Bridges Road in Newnan, was arrested Sept. 26 on charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a knife or firearm during the commission of a crime, according to information supplied by the Fayette County Jail. Read More»

Facing mom’s MS, family prepares for a very special PTC Classic 15K

With scenic Starr’s Mill in the background, the Kalafut family — Ellie (7), Tim , Carol and Spencer (10) — set their sights on the parents running their first Peachtree City Classic 15K race. Photo/Special.

Dr. Tim Kalafut, Ph.D., is a forensic biologist at the U.S. Army Crime Lab at Fort Gillem. While excelling in his chosen profession, he had let himself go physically to the point where he was 50 pounds overweight.

Finally, last year he decided enough was enough and started on a fitness program to get back in shape. “I realized that I need to be in better health too, as this has been a learning process for me that you can’t take your health for granted. I decided I was a big fat blob, and so I’ve been working hard at both the road bike and running.” Read More»